Heathrow Christmas Advert 2018: Doris and Edward Bair leaves viewers in tears

WARNING: This article contains discussion and spoilers about the Heathrow Christmas Advert 2018.  It’s that time of year when the big brands battle it out to win the nation’s hearts and be unofficially named the best Christmas Advert.  Following last year’s offering, Heathrow have released this year’s advert, which features the beloved teddy bears.  Doris […]

Sweet! It’s Elton the wrapper in new advert for Snickers bars

But he’s saved when he bites into a Snickers bar, surrounded by rap fans, and the real Boogie returns on top form. The advert is the latest in the brand’s “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign. Sir Elton, 71, said: “Most people know I’ve long been an advocate of hip hop and that’s why […]

'I can't watch it before I go to bed' Face of fraud advert that’s scaring us stiff

The online response suggests people are now scared stiff. Sky News presenter Gillian Joseph said: “She scares me every time she’s on.” Twitter user John Matthews added: “Tell me about it. I can’t watch it at night before I go bed.” Another user, Allison Morris, added: “She looks like she’s had three ex-husbands who all […]

Britain’s Got Talent 2018: Ant and Dec ‘missing’ from latest tv advert

Wednesday sees the release of Britain’s Got Talent’s latest launch trailer, which showcases Britain’s best unknown talent. The trailer shows the BGT judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams, and Alesha Dixon dressed as historical monarchs. Simon embodies King Arthur, Amanda has taken up the mantle of Elizabeth I, David is playing George III, and […]

Obesity warning: Teens more at risk if they remember seeing a junk food advert every day

Cancer Research UK found the obesity risk doubled for teens who could recall seeing such campaigns on any advertising platform every day compared with those who could not remember seeing any in the last month. The charity said its survey, which took into account campaigns on television, billboards and social media, was the largest of […]

‘Europe will never leave us’ claims AncestryDNA in new Brexit-themed advert

The family history and DNA research company wanted to reveal that the “typical Brit” is 60 per cent European. To finish their tongue-in-cheek advert, AncestryDNA used the tagline: “We may be leaving Europe, but Europe will never leave us.” A spokesperson told Express.uk: “We may be on our way out of the EU, but our […]

Friends star looks completely unrecognisable in bizarre Super Bowl 2018 advert

David, who played Ross Geller in Friends, has taken part in a seriously bizarre set of adverts for the Super Bowl 2018.  The 51-year-old has taken part in a series of teasing clips for Skittles and they are seriously weird. Four videos add up to create a teasing look at the sweet’s upcoming Super Bowl […]

Heinz baked beans advert falls foul of protein shake comparison

The television ad, seen in May, showed a man arriving home to his family and taking a drink from the fridge which he described as having protein “supercharged with high fibre and minimal fat”, before his wife said: “Same. We’re just having some beans.”  The screen displayed prominent text which stated: “High in protein. High […]

Heathrow Christmas advert: Mr and Mrs Bair are back in heart wrenching montage

Mrs Doris and Mr Edward Bair were transformed into cuddly teddy bears for last year’s hugely popular and emotional campaign, so it makes sense that they would revisit them.  During the two-minute clip for Britain’s biggest airport, the poignant story follows the married couple from 1967 to the present day over the decades, as they […]