4 Trips to Take in Chile for Every Type of Adventure

4 Trips to Take in Chile for Every Type of Adventure Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site […]

Moss Is A Virtual Reality Adventure Between Player & Mouse

In this new virtual reality experience, Moss has players take on the role of a guiding light to a novice mouse adventurer. Join the small hero on her journey to rescue her Uncle from danger by using motion controls, helping her to navigate pathways by solving intricate puzzles or assist in combat by tangling up […]

Pokemon Go news: New EX Raids revealed, as Shiny Adventure Week event nears end

Niantic have released a new wave of Pokemon Go EX Raids for fans to complete. The good news is that invites are being sent to trainers today, according to the latest chatter online. The bad news is that if you haven’t received one, you’re probably not invited to participate. The new wave of Mewtwo battles […]

How to make an award-winning adventure film (without budget or crew)

Share this article You don’t need fancy equipment, a crew or lots of money to make a great short adventure film. Featured contributor Leon McCarron explains how anyone can get started. In 2012, I walked across the Empty Quarter desert alongside my friend Alastair Humphreys. We had just two cameras to film the entire experience, […]

Strangeland Promises A Point-N-Click Adventure Through An Eerily Surreal Carnival

Primordia followed a robot’s journey through a rundown and weird mechanical future. Wormwood’s next game Strangeland trades sci-fi for surreal fantasy and robot future for uneasily weird carnival, but the weathered worn pixel art style and sense of discovering a mysterious land remains.

Pokemon Go news: Shiny glitch hits game during Niantic Adventure Week

Having got some very good news this week, Pokemon Go fans have been hit by a few ongoing gaming issues. The Adventure Week event was recently announced and provided new bonuses to Trainers, some which were revealed, while others were kept secret. Pokemon Go players were told that more Rock-types would spawn at a greater […]

Pokemon Go Adventure Week: How to defeat Aerodactyl Raid Boss

Pokemon Go players have started to encounter Aerodactyl in Adventure Week Raid battles. Pokemon Go Adventure Week kicked off yesterday, following a surprise announcement by Niantic. In addition to new Field Research tasks and rewards, Niantic confirmed that Aerodactyl would be appearing in Raid Battles. And fortunately, despite its imposing appearance, Aerodactyl isn’t that hard […]

Pokemon Go Adventure Week: Niantic reveal special Raid for rock event

The Pokemon Go Adventure Week kicks off later today and includes some intriguing new in-game events. Niantic have decided to pair new Field Research with the usual bonuses seen during a Pokemon celebration. This means that while Rock-type Pokemon such as Geodude will be appearing more frequently on the map, fans can also unlock other […]

Defector is the VR spy adventure that riffs on ’90s action flicks

Twisted Pixel Games‘ Defector is a virtual reality game that pays homage to the over-the-top spy flicks of the ’90s: explosions, high-tech gadgets, espionage, shootouts, and more explosions. It’s the kind of game where you drive a car off one plane and onto another, running over some dudes while you’re at it. It doesn’…Read More