Bork! Bork! (Adorable ‘Russian Subway Dogs’ Are On The Loose)

Rise up, fellow furry brothers and sisters, for it is time to rob the masses of their delectable subway treats and make some subterranean ruckus! In other words: single-screen, score-chasing platformer Russian Subway Dogs is now available and it has you following orders from the Proletaricat. The game’s premise is simple: you’re a dog, living […]

Adorable VR game ‘Moss’ now supports Windows Mixed Reality

Launched earlier this year as a PSVR exclusive and eventually released for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive last month, adorable adventure game Moss is getting an update to support Windows Mixed Reality headsets. In addition to the great Moss Soundtrack news, @polyarcgames is excited to announce that with today’s Moss update, we’re now supporting the […]

This heroic dog who saved 12 people after an earthquake met her own statue — and the photos are adorable

Twitter/allizesalgado Mexico City was hit with an estimated magnitude 7.1 earthquake in September 2017. Frida, a rescue dog, was on site to try and help save people. She was credited with saving at least 12 lives. In July 2018, a statue was unveiled of Frida and her trainer Israel Arauz. Frida appeared to take a liking […]

Hands-on with ‘Unravel Two,’ a co-op game with double the adorable

Unravel Two is the follow-up to 2016’s Unravel, the first indie game published under EA’s Originals brand — and it is just as adorable and emotionally powerful as the original. Unravel Two stars Yarny, the same anthropomorphized ball of red yarn that carried players through the first game, and it adds a second, blue Yarny, […]

Prince George makes ADORABLE gesture to protect Princess Charlotte amid royal baby news

Prince George, four, is the older brother to Princess Charlotte, two, and he clearly takes his role seriously, as witnessed during Monday’s royal baby coverage. While people’s attention was diverted by the birth of the royal baby – the second son of Kate Middleton, 36, and Prince William, 35 – a cute moment occurred between […]

The ‘Isle of Dogs’ movie title has an adorable hidden meaning and people are freaking out

Fox Searchlight Pictures Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs” is about an island of dogs outcast from a dystopian Japanese city. If you say it out loud, “Isle of Dogs” sounds like “I love dogs.” People keep realizing this, and tweeting their revelation with great GIFs and quotes. Wes Anderson’s new stop-motion movie “Isle of Dogs” […]

11 adorable photos of Kate Middleton showing off her baby bump at the traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebration

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Kate Middleton and Prince William honored St. Patrick’s Day with the traditional visit to the 1st Battalion of the Guards regiment at their barracks in Hounslow, London. Since Middleton is expected to give birth within the next month, she had to skip the annual pint of Guinness.  But the Duke and Duchess of […]

Cool Stuff: 100% Soft’s Kaweidoscopes Art Series Is Adorable and Trippy as Hell

One of the most unique and unmistakable pop culture artists working today is 100% Soft. His adorable illustrations have brought cute flair to our favorite movies and television shows. His artwork is so delightful that the likes of Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm commissioned him to create the little emojis that appear on Twitter with certain […]