‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti Adapting H.G. Wells Classic ‘The Time Machine’, Leonardo DiCaprio Producing

Andy Muschietti directed last year’s adaptation of Stephen King’s It, but Muschietti is no clown. He’s been able to parlay that movie’s record-breaking success into multiple new directing gigs, and now he’s lined up a brand new one: he’ll direct a new adaptation of H.G. Wells‘ classic time travel novella The Time Machine, and Leonardo […]

Ethan Hawke is Adapting ‘The Good Lord Bird’ For Blumhouse TV

In the era of the flashy McConaissance and the Keanussance, second acts are all the rage in Hollywood. But while no one has dubbed Ethan Hawke one of these Renaissance Men, Hawke has been quietly building one of the most interesting second acts in Hollywood. After a brief brush with leading man roles in the ’90s and early […]

Trump’s enemies are adapting to his media playbook and learning to fight fire with fire

AP via CBS President Donald Trump’s enemies are borrowing from his playbook to fight back against him. With suggestive statements, cryptic tweets, provocative lawsuits and must-see television interviews, Trump’s adversaries are using some of his own tactics to grab From adult film star Stormy Daniels to former FBI Director James Comey, each has become a […]

Ridley Scott Interested In Adapting Comic Book ‘Queen and Country’

Ridley Scott shows no signs of slowing down. The 80-year-old filmmaker is now in talks to adapt the Greg Rucka comic book series Queen and Country into a movie for Fox. More on the Queen and Country movie below. Most people Ridley Scott’s age might want to stop and take a breathe, but Scott is all about […]

Adapting houses so elderly people can stay in their homes could save NHS ‘£2.5bn a year’

MODIFIED “smart” homes for the elderly could mean a saving of £2.5billion a year for the NHS and councils, a report has claimed. Over the next decade, 78,000 adapted homes will be needed for older people each year, according to a study by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Robert Kirkman Adapting ‘Birthright, a Fantasy Comic Version of ‘Flight of the Navigator’

A new report says that The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will produce a film version of the comic Birthright at Universal Pictures as part of the studio’s first-look deal with Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment. If you’ve ever wondered what Flight of the Navigator might look like as a fantasy story instead of a science fiction story, this sounds like it might be pretty […]

Carrie Brownstein Adapting Her Memoir as a Hulu Series

Carrie Brownstein, of Portlandia and Sleater-Kinney fame, will adapt her memoir Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl into a half-hour comedy series for Hulu. Titled Search and Destroy, Brownstein will write and direct the series. This basically means we’re going to be blessed with a Sleater-Kinney TV series, and that’s pretty darn exciting. More info on the Carrie […]

NYC sues oil companies for the cost of adapting to climate change

Enlarge / New York City has extensive knowledge of the risks posed by climate-driven sea-level rise. (credit: Patrick Cashin, MTA) Today, the city of New York joined a number of California cities in suing a group of major oil companies for the costs of climate change. The suit claims that these companies—by ignoring their own […]

‘The President is Missing’: Showtime Adapting Bill Clinton & James Patterson’s Thriller Novel Into a TV Show

2013 was a big year for fictional movie thrillers involving the President of the United States, with Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down both blasting into theaters within three months of each other. Those were simpler times when movies about the president didn’t pale in comparison to the hellish nightmare of the behavior of the actual […]

Bombers still adapting after bans: Watson

Video Image Essendon Bombers press conference12:53 AFL: Essendon Bombers press conference following their clash with the Adelaide Crows. April 16th 2017 2 days ago /video/video.news.com.au/Sport/AFL/News/ Essendon players have hit the wall according to coach John Worsfold. Picture: Tom Huntley KATE SALEMMEHerald Sun Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Reddit […]