Daniel Day-Lewis Made An Actual Dress From Scratch to Prepare For ‘Phantom Thread’

Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the most acclaimed actors in the history of film, and while he’s become famous for his amazing and deeply rich performances, he’s also become arguably just as famous for the lengths to which he’ll go in order to achieve greatness. Since 1987, the actor has gone above and beyond traditional preparation techniques to get into character […]

It’s a trap! Guardian’s Luke Harding goes on Russia collusion book promo, grilled for actual facts

When you go promoting your latest book about evil Russia forcing Trump on America, it might be wise to check who is lining you up for interviews. Otherwise, you could be asked uncomfortable questions about things like evidence. This is what the Guardian’s former Moscow correspondent, Luke Harding, might tell fellow authors after a rather […]

“We Have An Actual Case Here”

Harvey Weinstein could soon face his first criminal case stemming from his alleged sexual misconduct, with New York police on Friday telling reporters they have “an actual case” against the Hollywood mogul. The case centers on Boardwalk Empire star Paz de la Huerta, who alleges the movie producer raped her twice in 2010. NYPD chief […]

Smart lock company August home purchased by actual lock company Yale

Smart-lock outfit Yale’s parent company is buying August Home, in a move that may consolidate some of the smart lock market. Sweden-based Assa Abloy will pick up August Home for a cool $ 60 million, and the regulatory bodies involved are expected to approve the purchase by year’s end. “August Home strengthens our residential smart […]

15 Facts About Dreams That'll Make You Go “What The Actual Fuck”

Lucid dreaming is the concept that you can realise that you’re in a dream, and thus, be able to control some or all of its elements. There are many techniques that promise to achieve this, like the MILD technique, as well as devices for sale, like the NovaDreamer. Let’s block ads! (Why?) BuzzFeed – Latest

Tales of the Rays promises to be an actual Tales game for iOS and Android

Bandai Namco has released Tales of the Rays for iOS and Android today. It’s a new entry in the popular Japanese role-playing game series that touts similar graphics and action as its console and PC counterparts. The Tales series is one of the more popular in the JRPG genre, with the franchise selling more than […]

Judge: Waymo may be in “a world of trouble” if it can’t prove actual harm by Uber

Enlarge / Autodesk VRED Design 2017. (credit: Waymo) SAN FRANCISCO—At a court hearing on Wednesday, US District Judge William Alsup questioned whether Waymo can really show the harm from Uber’s alleged trade secret theft. Waymo has been ordered to submit a detailed description of how it has been harmed within a month. The case is rapidly moving ahead towards an […]