Defector is the VR spy adventure that riffs on ’90s action flicks

Twisted Pixel Games‘ Defector is a virtual reality game that pays homage to the over-the-top spy flicks of the ’90s: explosions, high-tech gadgets, espionage, shootouts, and more explosions. It’s the kind of game where you drive a car off one plane and onto another, running over some dudes while you’re at it. It doesn’…Read More

Apple faces class action lawsuit over faulty MacBook keyboards

Apple has faced some pointed criticism over the butterfly switch keyboards on the 12-inch MacBook and current-generation MacBook Pro. Whether or not you like the tactile feel, they’re sensitive to crumbs and dust — and since you can’t just remove individual keys, fixes are both elaborate and (if you’re out of warranty) very expensive. To […]

Italy flight cancellations: easyJet cancelled flights full list following strike action

A strike in Italy by ground staff and air traffic controllers is resulting in a number of flights being cancelled from the UK. British Airways has already cancelled over 10 flights, affecting hundreds of passengers. Ryanair passengers have been affected by a number of cancelled flights across the UK. Passengers flying with easyJet also face […]

Bombslinger Brings Bomberman Action To The Old West

You’re itching for revenge on your turncoat former posse. Do you reach for your pistol? Nah, that would be too good for those varmints. A bomb, though? Now we’re talking in Bombslinger, a Western of vengeance and high explosives (Think Bomberman, but with Clint Eastwood). In Bombslinger, players will lay high explosives on grid-like maps, […]

Amid Evil Offers Otherworldly Locations And Relentlessly Fast FPS Action

The old school-style FPS has seen a resurgence in recent years, with games like Devil Daggers, Dusk, Ion Maiden, Strafe, and others. Lightning-fast movement and equally fast firepower, “combat chess” as you prioritize enemies and positioning in the heat of battle, a fine balance between classic design and modern improvements. Amid Evil jumps into the […]

Premier League LIVE scores: Everton, Newcastle, Leicester and Southampton in action

REUTERS Premier League LIVE scores: Everton, Newcastle and Southampton in action Burnley 0-0 Brighton, Crystal Palace 2-0 Leicester, Huddersfield 0-1 Everton, Newcastle 0-1 West Brom, Southampton 2-1 Bournemouth CRYSTAL PALACE 2-0 LEICESTER – RED CARD 60: Things go from bad to worse for Leicester as Marc Albrighton is given his marching orders for tugging Wilfried […]

Pizza Delivery Meets Mech Action In Quirky Arcade Brawler Pizza Titan Ultra

From the creators of acrobatic narwhal combat simulator Starwhal comes Pizza Titan Ultra, another combination of quirky premise, arcade-y gameplay, and colorful graphics. In this futuristic action game, you run a mobile pizzeria planted within the chest of towering mech, in a tongue-in-check pop culture-inspired adventure. Time is money (and customer satisfaction) as you stomp, […]

Itta Combines Bullet Hell Action With Otherworldly Fantasy Adventure

Waking up besides a dead family, armed with your father’s revolver and a strange cat, Itta sets you out on a journey of revenge across the island of Jigoku, in a far-future fantasy bullet-hell adventure inspired by the first Zelda and Titan Souls. The former inspiration means Jigoku is a sprawling environment filled with mysterious […]

Relation Speciale? UK pushed aside as French take pole position behind US in latest military action

Britain was forced to take a backseat in this weekend’s US-led military action in Syria as defense cuts left the country without a single warship and just a few dinosaur jets. Once in lock-step, the UK has seemingly been leapfrogged by France as the US’ ‘special’ friend, with the French providing significantly more military support […]