Adobe’s ‘Fast Mask’ can edit one object across an entire video clip

Last night at Adobe Max’s Sneaks session, a showcase unveiling potential software features, comedian Tiffany Haddish and Adobe evangelist Paul Trani announced ten new tools that the company is exploring. The sneaks run the gamut from fun voice-to-music features to impressively useful tools like Smooth Operator, an intelligent vertical video cropping tool. Sneaks could end […]

Property UK: Brexit uncertainty has mixed affect on housing market across the UK

If a property is purchased with a mortgage, a surveyor’s valuation is required by the lender (Image: Jeremy Walker/Getty Images) Now, a report this morning from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) highlights just how much of an influence Carney’s remarks have had on consumers who were actively considering moving home last month, and […]

Draconids ‘dragon meteor shower’ blaze across Russia & US skies (PHOTOS)

Lucky stargazers in Russia and North America have been treated to a spectacular cosmic display, courtesy of an age-old star constellation shaped like a space dragon. The annual Draconids meteor shower occurs every year in October, providing astronomers and amateur stargazers with an opportunity to see fiery space rock shoot across Earth’s sky. The celestial […]

Facepalms Reverberate Across America As Musk Mocks the Regulator That Has Him Over a Barrel

Tesla CEO Elon Musk loves railing against shortsellers to the same degree that normal, regular people enjoy eating and breathing. As his company’s stock continues a downward slide initiated and perpetuated by Musk’s completely avoidable antics, the CEO decided that mocking a securities regulator and endangering a settlement reached on Saturday was a good and […]

WATCH: Passengers injured after turbulence throws them across the cabin

Approximately 30 passengers were reported to be injured following the severe turbulence. Flight 423 was travelling from Guadalajara to Tijuana when the incident occurred. The passengers and crew members travelling on the Volaris flight hit strong winds which caused the incident. Eight of the injured passengers and four flight attendants were taken to hospital after […]

Meet the couple who sailed across Mongolia in a handmade cart

Inside the gers, the couple were invariably greeted with cookies made of fried dough, tea, noodle soup, meat dumplings, and bone broth. As a way to earn their keep, they helped the families with animal husbandry as best they could, and spent time herding goats, wrangling lambs, mucking stalls, feeding horses, and even butchering some […]

Verizon Wireless suffers massive outage across US

Published time: 25 Sep, 2018 19:06 Edited time: 25 Sep, 2018 19:37 The largest mobile telecommunications provider in the US, Verizon Wireless, has been experiencing massive outages. East Coast and south of the country have been reportedly hit the hardest by the disruption. “Verizon Wireless is currently experiencing an intermittent voice, text and data services […]

Microsoft unifying search across Bing, Office, and Windows

Enlarge / Even searches on Bing will show organizational results, in a section above the regular Web results. (credit: Microsoft) (credit: Joanna Bourne / Flickr) Microsoft is shaking up the search boxes found in Bing, Office, Windows, Teams, and everywhere else it shows up in productivity apps. Under the common banner “Microsoft Search” the plan […]

Super Typhoon Mangkhut is hurling winds at speeds of 180 mph towards 37 million people across Asia

AP Photo/Aaron Favila Super Typhoon Mangkhut is hurling through the Pacific, boasting 180 mph winds threatening millions of people across Asia in what is estimated to be one of the strongest systems on record.  Nearly 37 million people are estimated to be in the storm’s path, according to the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System.  Mangkhut, […]