Amid rampant sexual harassment in science, academies aren’t ejecting abusers

Enlarge / High-angle photograph of a woman scientist holding an electrophoresis plate for DNA separation over the UVP imaging System. (credit: Getty | CDC) Sexual harassment is widespread within the scientific community, and policies and institutional safeguards to address the problem are more effective at reducing liability than protecting members and changing harmful work cultures, […]

Australian police posed as child abusers for a dark web sting

Where do you draw the line when trying to catch child abusers? That’s what authorities have to decide when they run sting operations on the dark web. When Norwegian newspaper VG investigated one of the biggest child exploitation sites on the dark web, Child’s Play, they found that it had been run by Australian police […]

‘Weapons for tyrants’: UK blasted for inviting human rights abusers to arms trade fair

Britain’s biggest arms fair starts Tuesday, and will play host to several countries labelled human rights abusers by the UK Foreign Office. The full list of the 56 countries which received official invitations to the Defence and Security Equipment International Exhibition (DSEI) was released by the Department for International Trade’s Defence and Security Organisation in […]

How Trump’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants could embolden sexual abusers

Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla In Los Angeles, reports of sexual assault and domestic violence are down among city’s Latinx population and many—including LA’s police chief— believe concerns about deportation are a factor, the Los Angeles Times reported. On Tuesday, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck said reports of sexual assault by Latinx residents have dropped 25% in […]