eBay: A rare 50p coin is listed for £900 on the auction website – do you have one like it?

Ebay is a popular online hotspot for coin collectors on the look out for the most rare and valuable coin pieces. One rare 50p coin with a frog design is listed for a hefty sum on the auction website. The 50p coin, which has been viewed by six people in the last hour at the […]

People have raised over $900 to buy a new couch for billionaire Elon Musk

Ben Sullins/GoFundMe People are trying to raise $ 1,000 on GoFundMe to buy Tesla CEO Elon Musk a new couch.  The campaign started after Musk said in an interview he’d been sleeping on a couch at his Tesla factory in Fremont, California.  The couch looks very uncomfortable, and Musk even admitted he sometimes just sleeps […]

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert: Why married couples are £900 worse off

Martin Lewis appeared on Good Morning Britain today to reveal that married couples may be due a free £900. Over one million couples haven’t taken advantage of the tax break, meaning there is £900 million worth of money to be claimed. Are you eligible for the marriage tax allowance? Martin said: “The marriage tax allowance […]

Shares in a Hong Kong magazine publisher surged almost 900% on their first day of trading

Flickr / Loïc Lagarde Hong Kong media company sees shares jump almost 900% on day of IPO. Shares in Most Kwai Chung, a media firm which publishes a popular satirical magazine, climbed from HK$ 1.2 (£0.11; $ 0.15) to a high of HK$ 11.76 (£1.06; $ 1.50). “We feel surprised about the market response,” a spokesman […]

Thanks to Al Gore’s fund, this Facebook cofounder’s startup is now worth $900 million (FB)

Asana The collaboration and productivity application company Asana raised $ 75 million in a series D, the company announced Tuesday.  Asana is now valued around  $ 900 million, according to sources close to the company.  Asana CEO Dustin Moskovitz is known for starting Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. The round was led by Al […]

Apple just did something unprecedented: its market value passed $900 billion (AAPL)

Apple was valued at over $ 900 billion after markets closed on Wednesday. The next closest company, Google parent Alphabet, is valued at $ 728 billion.  Apple stock is up 52.6% in 2017.  The world’s most valuable company just broke a new record.  Apple shares finished regular trading at $ 176.24 on Wednesday,  up less than 1% but crowning the company with […]

British police accused of ‘wasting time’ as hate speech arrests up almost 900% in some areas

A staggering rise in online hate crime, as people are attacked over Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, has led to a gigantic leap in arrests in Britain. British police are arresting nine people per day for attacks on the internet as they attempt to clamp down on hate speech online. Read more In […]

Here’s A $900 Chun-Li Statue

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are releasing a Chun-Li statue that comes in three distinct varieties. The cheapest are not cheap by any definition of the word. Advertisement The three versions are a classic Street Fighter II outfit ($ 925), her Street Fighter Alpha skin and her “battle dress” from Street Fighter V (both $ 900). […]

Box office hits and misses: ‘The Fate of the Furious’ passes $900 million worldwide

This weekend’s list of the highest-grossing movies looked a lot like last week’s list, with The Fate of the Furious continuing to race ahead of every other movie in theaters. Universal Pictures’ blockbuster sequel is on pace to fall short of its predecessor, Furious 7, in U.S. theaters, but it’s making up for its so-so domestic performance with […]