Report: AT&T plans layoffs despite claiming tax cut would create 7,000 jobs

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | SOPA Images) AT&T is reportedly planning a significant round of layoffs, despite receiving a large tax break and various regulatory favors such as the repeal of net neutrality rules. Motherboard reported the pending layoffs yesterday, saying it obtained the information from AT&T internal documents and an anonymous AT&T source. “A […]

The Central American caravan has swelled to an estimated 7,000 migrants. Despite Trump’s threats, it’s heading north toward the US border.

Associated Press/Moises Castillo The migrant caravan that trekked through the Northern Triangle and reached Mexico this weekend has swelled to an estimated 7,000 people, and is largely heading to the United States. President Donald Trump has raged against the caravan, pinning blame in turn on Central American governments, US asylum laws, and congressional Democrats. Despite […]

United Airlines offers a woman £7,000 for her seat – would you pay out?

A female passenger of the US airline, United has received a particular generous reward for bumping her off the plane. Airlines have a habit of over overbooking their flights to ensure they receive the highest amount of money possible for the flight but for some unlucky passengers, this means their seat is already occupied upon […]

Live feed from E. Ghouta after 7,000 civilians leave militant-controlled area

Published time: 17 Mar, 2018 06:29 Edited time: 17 Mar, 2018 06:32 More than 7,000 people have left towns in Eastern Ghouta on Saturday morning, the Russian military said. It also set up a livestream showing humanitarian corridors from land and air. “Since Saturday morning over 7,000 people have already left [the area], heading from […]

eBay: Rare £2 coin selling for £7000 thanks to unusual minting error – can YOU see it?

Selling coins on eBay is one way to make a pretty penny, and some coins can sell for thousands. A £2 coin with a rare minting error has been listed by seller ‘charlotte6923’, who is hoping to make £7000 for her discovery. She is offering the coin on a Buy it now basis for £7000 […]

eBay: Rare 50p coin selling for £7,000 – do YOU have one in your pocket right now?

It is known 50p coins come in various different designs, some of which are very valuable to collectors – reaching eye watering sums on eBay. A Battle of Hastings coin is known by collectors to be a particularly special design, and only five million of them have been produced.  One of these very rare designs, […]

‘Huge problem’: FBI director says agency couldn’t hack into nearly 7,000 encrypted devices

Federal agents failed to hack into 6,900 mobile devices protected by encryption, the FBI director told a police chiefs’ conference, amid heated debate over privacy and government control over cyberspace. The FBI was unable to retrieve content from more than 6,900 mobile devices, agency director Christopher Wray said on Monday at the International Association of […]

Ford announces petrol and diesel scrappage scheme that could hand YOU £7,000 off new motor

Petrol and diesel models registered before December 2009 can be handed into Ford in return for discounts on new cars and vans. Unlike schemes launched by BMW and Mercedes, which are only for diesels, Ford will also accept petrol cars and guarantee that the dirty vehicle will be scrapped so that it will not find […]

Philippines’ Duterte says he ‘can't control drugs’ after year of crackdown & 7,000 deaths

With the Philippines’ War on Drugs – so far claiming up to 7,000 lives – in its second year, firebrand President Rodrigo Duterte now says his nation cannot fix the problem due to lack of equipment, difficult terrain and the brevity of his presidential term. Duterte made the stunning remark while speaking to medical staff […]