Sir James Mirrlees, a Nobel-prizewinning economist, died on August 29th

The optimal economist WHEN James Mirrlees got the call to say he had won the Nobel prize for economics in 1996, he assumed that a friend was pulling a prank. “Jim politely suggested that it didn’t sound very likely and he’d need some proof,” his wife later recalled. Friends and colleagues say it paints a […]

Bullet hell shooter ‘Ikaruga’ comes to Switch on May 29th

Ikaruga is beloved (and notoriously difficult) Japanese arcade game from the early 2000s, and now it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch. The developer, Nicalis, revealed this week that the shoot-em-up style game would be priced at $ 14.99 in the Nintendo eShop. It arrives on May 29th. Back when it was originally released, Ikaruga was […]

The Morning After: Friday, December 29th 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Apple’s apologizing to its customers, and we’re running down the best games from last year. Plus, the new season of Black Mirror is here. Out-of-warranty battery replacements will now cost only $ 29.Apple apologizes for confusion over slowdowns with older iPhones Apple has been in hot water for the […]

Amazon’s latest drama ‘Tin Star’ premieres September 29th

Tin Star, a new drama coming to Amazon Prime Video, just got a premiere date and a trailer. The show stars Tim Roth who plays ex-British detective Jim Worth who recently moved his family to a small Canadian town called Little Big Bear. But a big oil refinery moves into town shortly thereafter, bringing with […]

Screenshot Saturday Highlights – April 29th, 2017

Eldritch woods, alien plains, shadowy streets, and more are your stops along the journey through this collection of Screenshot Saturday Highlights. Crimson Hills Loaded Games | PC Set in the haunted lands of castle Baskerville, Crimson Hills puts you in the shoes of a brave detective solving puzzles, evading lurking horrors, and uncovering Lovecraftian mysteries […]