Adolf Hitler's Telephone Sells At Auction for $243,000

On Sunday afternoon, the telephone of Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler was purchased at auction for $ 243,000. It’s unclear why someone would covet an item once in intimate proximity to undiluted evil. Rich tapestries, I guess. Advertisement ABC News reports that bidding began at $ 100,000. The purchase was made over the phone, according […]

Hitler’s phone used to ‘send millions to their deaths’ sold for $243,000 at US auction

Published time: 20 Feb, 2017 12:13 The swastika-emblazoned phone of Adolf Hitler used to send “millions to their deaths” has been sold at auction in Maryland for $ 243,000. Alexander Historical Auctions sold the phone on Sunday to an anonymous bidder, who aptly made his offer by phone. A porcelain Alsatian dog belonging to Hitler […]