‘Life as we know it’ ends in 2040: Aussie news dig up MIT’s global collapse prediction

A 1973 Australian news report has resurfaced, predicting the end of the world with the help of MIT researchers and a supercomputer. The end of days is apparently due in 2040, with a major global change slated for 2020. If you trust MIT’s world-renowned expertise, 2040 is when “civilized life as we know it” will […]

Electric planes by 2040? Norway to make short-haul flights fuel-free within 20 years

Norway wants to make all short-haul flights – travelling up to one and a half hours – run on 100 per cent electric, it has been revealed. Avinor, the state-run operator of airports in Norway, wants to be “the first in the world” to do it, according to chief executive Dag Falk-Petersen said.  “We think […]

Muslims projected to bypass Jews as second-largest US religious denomination by 2040

Published time: 10 Jan, 2018 15:53 There were some 3.45 million Muslims living in the United States in 2017, according to research by Pew Research Center. That number is expected to jump significantly over the next couple of decades. Using a variety of different measures, including its own survey and demographic research, Pew determined there […]

3 surprising predictions about the auto industry in 2040

Global vehicle sales will decline over the next two decades as consumers embrace on-demand ride services like Uber, but demand for oil will keep rising, according to a study released Tuesday. Another counterintuitive finding from the study by IHS Markit was that more than 80 percent of the vehicles sold worldwide in 2040 will still […]

It’s a Future Type of Thing: Jaguar Concept Previews Driving in 2040

– As cars gain autonomous-driving capability and ride sharing becomes the new normal, it seems that those of us who enjoy driving and owning our very own cars will be left out in the cold. Or will we? Looking out to the year 2040, Jaguar’s Future-Type concept previews a car that can go about its […]

Future of travel: Could planes soon be powered by RUBBISH? New scheme to launch by 2040

As the world struggles to find new alternatives to fossil fuels, many new inventions such as electric cars and recyclable materials are being tried instead. However, some vehicles could soon even run on rubbish, which includes planes and lorries. The Department for Transport (DfT) is funding UK projects to create fuel made from waste for […]

Hybrids not included in UK's proposed 2040 combustion engine ban

Not to be left behind after the French government announced a plan to ban the sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, the UK government has announced that it’s planning a similar move. Initial reports outlined the ban to include everything with an internal combustion engine, but it’s been clarified that hybrids and […]

UK to ban sales of fossil fuel cars by 2040

France isn’t the only big country getting ready to ditch fossil fuel vehicles. The UK is planning to ban sales of new fossil fuel-powered vehicles (including vans) from 2040. It’s all about improving air quality, the government claims: airborne pollution is the “biggest environmental risk” to public health, and cutting off sales will help tackle […]