Volvo sets goal of 25 percent recycled plastics in cars from 2025

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Russian ‘Smart City’ among finalists to host Expo 2025

The Russian city of Ekaterinburg has entered the final round of bidding to host the World Expo 2025. At the heart of Russia’s bid is the ‘Smart City’ concept proposed to be constructed before the fair. Ekaterinburg, a city of 1.5 million in the Ural Mountains, faces off against the Japanese city of Osaka and […]

Congress fires back at Trump plan to end funding for space station in 2025

Enlarge / Sen. Ted Cruz, right, and Sen. Bill Nelson (background) both support extending ISS operations beyond 2025. (credit: NASA) At one point on Wednesday afternoon, US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) turned to his counterpart from Florida, Democrat Bill Nelson, and spoke of their mutual preference for continuing federal funding for the International Space Station throughout the […]

Navistar CEO: We’ll have more electric trucks on the road than Tesla by 2025

Enlarge / International Trucks is a Navistar brand. Navistar wants to expand its lineup with electric models. (Photo by Callie Lipkin/Bloomberg via Getty Images) (credit: Callie Lipkin / Bloomberg / Getty Images) In an interview with, the CEO of international truck-maker Navistar said that his company would have more electric trucks on the road […]

Volkswagen wants to sell 1.5 million electric vehicles a year in China by 2025

Enlarge / The I.D. Crozz and I.D. Buzz EVs are coming soon. (credit: Volkswagen Group) Volkswagen Group is getting ready to significantly expand its electric vehicle portfolio in China over the next few years. The company plans to launch 15 “new energy vehicles”—plug-in hybrid EVs and battery EVs—by 2020, according to a report in Reuters. […]

Yet another destination for coal exports to dry up with Italy’s 2025 phase-out

Enlarge / GENOA, ITALY – MARCH 15: Coal piles sit in the storage yard at the Genoa port on March 15, 2016 in Genoa, Italy. (Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images) (credit: Getty Images) On Tuesday, Italy’s economic development minister said the country will commit to phasing out coal in its energy mix, ending all use […]

What Would a Genesis GT Car Look Like in 2025? The Automaker and ArtCenter Students Give Us a Peek

– The nascent Genesis luxury brand is busy generating a distinctive styling language for its cars right now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look a few years ahead. A team gathered from the rapidly expanding Genesis design ranks put together two proposals for what it thinks a GT might look like in the year 2025. […]

Future of travel could bring pilotless planes by 2025 – but are they really safe?

The future of travel could bring robot butlers, personalised hotel packages and even cheaper flights. With more systems relying on artificial intelligence and machines, they may end up replacing humans and become an integral part of the travel industry. It could also hit the aviation industry with pilotless planes being the latest new concept. However, […]