Solve A Mystery In 1920s San Francisco In Adventure Game A Case Of Distrust

On the hardboiled streets of 1924 San Francisco, danger, suspicious characters, and mystery lurk, and in minimalist narrative adventure A Case of Distrust, private detective Phyllis Cadence Malone has to navigate this sprawling city of lies, misdeeds, and secrets to uncover a dark truth. Armed with only clever deductions and astute eye, Malone moves through […]

El Tango De La Muerte Is A Game Of Rhythm & Betrayal In 1920’s Argentina

Players will dance across a recreation of 1923 Argentina drawn from photographic collages of the era in El Tango de la Muerte, a rhythm game about tango, love, and bitter rivalries. El Tango de la Muerte places players upon a checkerboard playing field, moving along the panels that glow to the beat of each song. […]

This historic bull market in stocks looks more like the 1980s than the 1920s

 The DJIA (SPX) remains in a historic blowout to the uptrend from 2009. Although we have maintained our aggressively bullish stance during this time based on very similar price action to both 1929 and its copy, 1987, the countdown clock is wrong. It is wrong in time but not distance nor price. This week is […]