Respawn will premiere its ‘Star Wars’ game on April 13th

After years of work, Respawn is nearly ready to show what its Star Wars game is all about. Lucasfilm has announced that EA and Respawn will formally reveal Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at a Celebration Chicago panel on April 13th. The two are unsurprisingly shy about details, but you’ll meet a Padawan who survived […]

Doctor Who spoilers: LEAKED footage shows Jodie Whittaker’s first scene as 13th Doctor 

[unable to retrieve full-text content] DOCTOR WHO season 11 is set to air this autumn according to speculation. But fans of the acclaimed BBC One show can now get a sneak peak at an opening scene from the season’s first episode after it has been leaked online. 

Friday the 13th ‘Morally OUTRAGED film critics tried to HARM Jason's box office’ with THIS

Aside from Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th is the most notorious slasher franchise out. However 1981’s Part II featured so much “accumulative violence” that it faced opposition from the Motion Picture Association of America. A number of scenes were taken out of the original cut just so it could be given […]

Flight news: This is how much money you could save by flying on Friday 13th

Friday 13th is considered an unlucky day for some and it is believed that 49 million Brits fear the date, believing something bad may happen to them. In fact, a study by Travelodge revealed that 74 per cent of adults reported to have suffered from back luck on a previous Friday 13th. However, British travellers […]

You Can Stay Overnight At the ‘Friday the 13th’ Camp Crystal Lake Shooting Location

Warmer weather is almost upon us, and if you’re looking for a nice getaway spot, here’s a recommendation: Camp Crystal Lake. Yes, you can now spend the night at the camp location used to film the original Friday the 13th…if you dare. If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night at a camp ground where horny […]

VR runner ‘Sprint Vector’ launches on February 13th

Ever wanted to run in virtual reality without smacking into a real wall? You’ll have a chance shortly. Survios has revealed that its VR foot racing game Sprint Vector launches February 13th for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. The sci-fi runner stands out with a unique control scheme where you pump your arms […]

Blumhouse Would Like to Reboot ‘Friday the 13th’

After they get done rebooting Halloween, Blumhouse would like to take a crack at a Friday the 13th reboot. Jason Blum, president of the wildly successful horror (and Whiplash) distributor, says that the next franchise he’d like to set his sights on is the one that features hockey-masked slasher Jason Voorhees. Blumhouse is currently in the process of rebooting […]

How Disney California Adventure and Japanese Theme Parks Could Inform a 13th Disney Park

Disney currently operates 12 theme park properties around the world, not counting water parks. In the early days of Disney California Adventure, before Cars Land and other elements of the 2012 redesign went into effect, the eighth of those 12 parks took flak for offering a tacky recreation of things people would associate with California…in […]