Sunday Brunch: 'Stop looking at me!' Tim Lovejoy hits out at guests over AWKWARD blunder

Tim, 50, was on hand to help Simon, 55, as Sunday Brunch returned this morning on Channel 4, with the pair joined by singer-songwriter Maverick Sabre in the studio kitchen. Watching on as the presenters gave a cooking demonstration, several other guests including comedian Jimmy Carr, 46, and Derry Girls actresses Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Siobhan […]

Grey’s Anatomy's Sarah Drew Urges Angry Fans to 'Stop Attacking' Co-Star

Sarah Drew has a stern message for Grey’s Anatomy fans: Lay off Kelly McCreary. Drew — who is set to make her final appearance as April Kepner in next week’s Season 14 finale — took to social media on Tuesday to defend her co-star, whose on screen romance with Jesse Williams (aka April’s ex) has […]

Deadpool 3 CANCELLED? Ryan Reynolds says 'STOP at two' X-Force Marvel film plans, cast

Deadpool 2 hasn’t even hit cinemas and attention is already turning to what happens next. At the end of the trailer , there is a extra meta scene where Deadpool brags to his pal Weasel (TJ Miller): “It lives up to the hype, plus, plus.” Weasel shoots back: “F*** it, they probably won’t even make […]

Seven Year Switch: Contestant threatens to QUIT over sex fears 'Stop filming now!’

The first episode of the new Channel 4 series saw four couples fly out to Thailand to meet their new partner for the first time. However, upon arrival they discovered that there was only one bed available to each couple. Furious that his wife Gemma may be sharing a bed with another man, Tony threatened […]

'Stop wasting time on posting useless and insulting tweets’ – Iranian FM to Trump

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has urged Donald Trump to lay off threatening Tehran through Twitter, firing back at the US president’s “insulting” posts. “His confused and contradictory positions on Iranians are nothing new,” Bahram Ghasemi said in a statement Tuesday, as Trump was shooting off  angry tweets, seemingly to all and sundry. “Instead of wasting […]

Pointless OUTRAGES Scottish viewers with huge 'error': 'Stop butchering my language!'

In what is now being dubbed “loch gate”, some fans slammed hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman for “butchering” the Celtic language after using the words “loch” and “lock” as a homophone example. “Scottish Gaelic word for lake/mechanism for keeping a door, window, lid, or container fastened,” read an answer on the Pointless board, with […]

Ruth GAGS husband Eamonn live on This Morning after he infuriates her 'Stop doing that!'

Even before the ITV programme had really started Ruth, 56, was heard lambasting Eamonn, 57, for chewing too loudly while eating. “Ugh! Ugh! Stop that horrible noise! You know what you’re doing, you doing that to me on purpose now because you know about that thing in the paper today,” she was heard telling her […]