X Factor 2018: Sharon Osbourne says Simon Cowell will 'do whatever it takes' to get on TV

Sharon acted as a judge on the X Factor for 2004 to 2007, again in 2013 before taking a break to return in 2016. This year she’s set to join the judging panel alongside Simon Cowell in the live shows, but ahead of that she’s commented on her boss. In an appearance on a US […]

'Do not interrupt me!' Redwood delivers SHARP reply during Brexit spat with Labour MP

John Redwood snapped at the Labour MP, Rupa Huq, and told her to not interrupt him as he spoke during a Brexit debate. The pair were discussing the implications of the UK leaving the EU with no-deal, before the Brexit Secretary outlined Britain’s no-deal preparation during a key speech later on Thursday. Speaking on Good […]

ITV Good Morning Britain: 'Do you have answers?' Garraway and Farage in heated Brexit row

Nigel Farage appeared on Good Morning Britain today alongside Garraway and Jeremy Kyle to discuss his decision to return to the public eye with a Brexit campaign group. But when Garraway pressed the businessman for answers, the pair came to blows. Farage began the discussion to explain how dissatisfied he was with how Brexit procedures […]

The One Show host Matt Baker shut down by EastEnders star: 'Do me a favour!'

Matt was trying to change the topic of the BBC show from EastEnders to a nature segment, when Tameka made the shock outburst. The One Show host, Alex Jones and the soap star had been discussing the recent criticism that Coronation Street’s storylines were “too dark”. Tameka noted: “I know it’s drama, it’s make believe […]

Statins may 'do more harm than good': Experts say MILLIONS should not be taking them

They claim the advantages of taking statins for already healthy people are “vanishingly small” and insist diet and exercise deliver far more impressive results in maintaining a healthy heart.  It has also been claimed that “raw data” on the side-effects of the drugs is being withheld.  Statins are taken by six million Britons but remain […]

I'm A Celebrity 2017: Piers Morgan OBLITERATES Kezia Dugdale amid snub 'Do your job'

And, her absence from the ITV breakfast show appeared to have riled host Piers Morgan, who launched into a scathing rant about the politician’s decision to head Down Under.  “We want to get Kezia on, the MP, to have a chat with her about the fact that she has been turfed out immediately by the […]

X Factor 2017: Dermot O'Leary forced to shut down audience member 'Do me a favour!'

Concerned viewers called for studio security to be tightened as one member of the crowd grabbed Dermot’s shoulders and tried to turn him around while live on air, before putting his arm around the host’s neck. Returning from the break, Dermot said: “Welcome back to Top Of The Pops… The X Factor semi-final. Ed Sheeran’s […]

STATINS WARNING: Heart medicine pills 'do more HARM than good'

Analysis showed those who suffer a heart attack and take a daily cholesterol-busting pill for five years will increase their life expectancy by just four days. The research casts fresh doubt on the effectiveness of drugs prescribed to six million people in the UK and has reignited the debate over their true worth. A coalition […]

President Trump Defends 'Killer' Putin In Super Bowl Interview: 'Do You Think Our Country's So Innocent?'

Bill O’Reilly’s highly anticipated interview with President Donald Trump doesn’t air until Sunday’s Super Bowl pregame show, but the following soundbite should get everyone talking. VIDEOSSchwarzenegger Offers to Trade Jobs With Trump After POTUS (Again) Knocks Celebrity Apprentice Ratings In a preview of the sit-down released by Fox News, the O’Reilly Factor host asks Trump about Vladimir Putin, […]