'Can we spend national holiday without killing something?' Lee Camp takes on food and war industry

In this week’s episode, Lee takes on Big Agriculture and the War on Terror, asking how our food habits are destroying the planet and why Congress is still swooning for the military-industrial complex. “It’s a fundamentally broken system that is having lots of adverse impacts and one of them is climate,” Scott Edwards of NGO […]

'Can I Help? You Seem Stressed.’ Now Chatbots Are Getting Emotional

You’re just settling in for a night of Netflix and chill, glass of wine in hand, when the Wi-Fi goes out. You reset the router. Still nothing. Before throwing your modem out the window, you look for the provider’s customer service number, anticipating a full-on shouting match. But on its website, a chat bubble pops […]

BBC News: 'Can I just answer that?' Labour MP Frank Field in clash over Jeremy Corbyn

McGovern, 36, was interviewing former Labour MP for Birkenhead Frank Field, 76, over his exit from the Labour Party on BBC Breakfast. A Labour spokesperson had told the BBC show Jeremy Corbyn “thanked Mr Field for his service to the party”, which led Steph to ask: “You’ve been a Labour MP for over 40 years, […]

Matt Bomer on Making His Directorial Debut in American Crime Story: Versace: 'Can We Sympathize With a Monster?'

Wednesday’s episode of American Crime Story: Versace marks the directorial debut of actor Matt Bomer, who — at the risk of sounding “so 2018” — says he was “truly blessed” to get to work on the FX drama. RELATEDRyan Murphy Moves to Netflix in Blockbuster 5-Year, $ 300 Million Deal “When Ryan Murphy called and […]

Chickenpox WARNING: Taking ibuprofen to relieve itchy spots 'can make someone very ill'

Chickenpox is common, mostly affecting children, and it usually gets better by itself within a week without help from a GP. Symptoms before or after the spots can include a high temperature above 38C, aches and pains, and generally feeling unwell, and loss of appetite. Reaching for the medicine cupboard for anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen may […]

Sarah Silverman Breaks Silence on 'Best Friend' Louis C.K.: 'Can You Love Someone Who Did Bad Things?'

Sarah Silverman is speaking out about the scandal surrounding her close friend Louis C.K. Silverman addressed the swirl of news surrounding C.K. — the Louie star has admitted to masturbating in front of multiple women without their consent — in an emotional monologue on Thursday’s episode of her Hulu series I Love You America. In […]

Diabetes BREAKTHROUGH: Type 2 'can be REVERSED in weeks by following THIS diet'

GETTY – STOCK IMAGE Diabetes can be reversed in a matter of weeks by following a strict low calorie diet, shows research Scientists say lifestyle driven Type 2 – a condition that almost 12 million Britons are thought to be at risk of developing – is caused by excess fat in the liver and pancreas. […]

Saturday Kitchen fans CRUSH 'annoying' Kirstie Allsopp: 'Can she be relocated?'

The Location, Location, Location host was Matt Tebbutt’s guest, and she seemed to get into the spirit of things, asking questions-a-plenty and filling any awkward silences.  However, she appeared to have rubbed viewers up the wrong way as they took to Twitter in their droves to comment on the 46-year-old’s appearance on the show.  One […]

Stroke test: Simple scan 'can predict if someone will suffer potentially fatal stroke'

The non-invasive technique is able to indicate whether plaques in carotid arteries, which supply the brain with blood, are rich in cholesterol and likely to become clogged. The rupture of fatty plaques can block arteries and cause debilitating and life-threatening strokes as the brain is starved of oxygen. At present, risk is measured by the […]