Anti-Trump champion Avenatti says 2020 Dem nominee 'better be white man'

Lawyer Michael Avenatti, a self-appointed advocate of all women, is facing online wrath after saying that Democrats should pick a “white male” to run for president in 2020, as his arguments would “carry more weight.” Avenatti, the firebrand lawyer representing porn star Stormy Daniels in her legal case against US President Donald Trump, has faced […]

Sore throat cure: Paracetamol 'BETTER than antibiotics for beating viral infection'

Experts found the majority of sore throats are triggered by a viral infection.  Most people get better without antibiotics, usually experiencing symptoms for up to a week, but research suggests antibiotics are prescribed in 60 per cent of cases. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence today said doctors should help sufferers manage their […]

'Better than history at school! Eye-opening & weirdly timely’: Twitter reacts to #1917LIVE

RT’s #1917LIVE re-enactment of the Russian Revolution has just witnessed Vladimir Lenin’s return home. As the Bolshevik takeover draws nearer, the events and characters gain in complexity, thanks in no small part to you, the project’s growing user base. This would not have been possible without our many loyal readers inhabiting fascinating real-life characters as […]

BBC to create new £30 MILLION BBC Scotland channel to 'better reflect' viewers' lives

Director-general Tony Hall said it was the “biggest single investment in broadcast content in Scotland” for over 20 years. The channel is set to be launched next year, with £19 million per year to be spent on making new programmes. Lord Hall said: “We know that viewers in Scotland love BBC television but we also […]

New Handmaid's Tale Promo Warns a 'Better World' Isn't Better for Everyone

In an extended promo for Hulu’s upcoming adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, set to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl LI, Elisabeth Moss’ Offred questions Joseph Fiennes’ Commander about the “better world” that allegedly has been created by the Republic of Gilead, a theocratic military dictatorship. His answer to her is… not reassuring, to say the […]