Follow The Money πŸ’°

Nico Ortega for BuzzFeed News Officials investigating theKremlin’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election are scrutinizing newly uncovered financial transactions between the Russian government and people or businesses inside the United States. Records exclusively reviewed by BuzzFeed News also show years of Russian financial activity within the US that bankers and federal law enforcement […]

Good Will Hushing 🀐

In October, Damon was accused by journalist Sharon Waxman of helping to “gut” a story connected to Harvey Weinstein in 2004. Damon admitted that he called Waxman at the request of Weinstein, but said he didn’t know the topic of the story centered on sexual assault by the producer. Damon also took heat for comments […]

Waste McNuffin πŸ”

McDonald’s announced today that it wants to mitigate its impact on the environment with a new global goal to have all of its packaging β€” the wrappers, cups, bags, and straws β€” come from “renewable, recycled, or certified sources” by 2025. The certification refers to approved forest management for its paper products. The company also […]

Fire Fight πŸ“• πŸ‘€

Fire and Fury, the controversial Trump White House tell-all by Michael Wolff, may very well be the first book to achieve best-seller status by virtue of viral Twitter screenshot. Since the moment the first quotes from the book leaked online via the Guardian, social media has been flooded by big blocks of Wolff’s prose, excerpted […]

What Happens Next 🚨

The false alarm Saturday of a “ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii” was the latest reminder of a cruel reality: Despite being closer to North Korea than the US mainland, the 50th state may have some of the nation’s least reliable missile defenses. As North Korea’s missile capabilities have grown dramatically, the threat that has […]

Mind The Gap πŸ’°

BuzzFeed News has been leaked the audio of two of the BBC’s top-paid journalists John Humphrys and Jon Sopel in a hot mic conversation about their female colleague’s attempt to achieve equal pay. Humphrys, one of the main hosts of Radio 4’s flagship news programme Today, and BBC management dismissed the conversation as a “joke” […]

Under The Weather 🀧

The seasonal flu vaccine usually protects against three or four strains of the flu, which are chosen based on predictions for what will circulate in the US that year. According to the CDC, this year’s flu shot included an influenza A H1N1, an influenza A H3N2, and an influenza B/Victoria lineage virus. So if H3N2 […]

Wall The President's Men 🀝

The fates of hundreds of thousands of undocumented people living in the United States may come down to haggling over the definition of the now-famous phrase β€œbuild that wall.” After a White House meeting Tuesday between President Donald Trump and two-dozen members of Congress there was clear support on all sides to allow approximately 800,000 […]