Struggling to Sell Your Home? Your Neighbours Could Be the Problem. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published at PowerTools2U.

Did you know that your neighbour’s house can actually devalue the price of your home by more than an incredible £130,000 just by the way the exterior looks? It’s true! In this piece, we’ll take you through all 12 major features that can contribute to your house being devalued by your neighbour’s and by how much each one affects your home. We’ll also show you which regions in the UK are impacted the most by this thanks to the average house prices and hear from an industry expert about the importance of ‘kerb appeal’ – the first impression a potential buyer gets when they arrive at your home. There’s also a few extra features about your home that we’ve added in that could be affecting your house getting sold too.

With 1/3 of potential buyers unwilling to enter a house if they are unhappy with the exterior, it turns out that your neighbours’ home could be the problem, not yours.


The Top Financially Draining Features, and Their Devalue Potential of Your Home:

  1. Broken or boarded-up windows: £24,220
  2. Unsightly or imposing extensions and DIY: £15,845
  3. Rubbish in the driveway or front garden: £13,807
  4. Run down vehicles parked in the drive: £12,223
  5. Unsightly coloured external brickwork: £10,865


With house hunters taking just ten seconds to decide if they like a property from outside, a further 50% of potential homeowners would take 20% off the property’s asking price if the house had an untidy exterior. 


With this in mind, Powertools2U have calculated how much nuisance neighbours can cost sellers based on the average house price in their region:


The Cost of Negligent Neighbours Across the UK

  1. Greater London – £95,771
  2. Greater South East – £64,419
  3. East Anglia – £57,762
  4. South West – £50,375
  5. West Midlands – £38,464
  6. East Midlands – £38,043
  7. Yorkshire – £31,793
  8. North West – £31,506
  9. Scotland – £29,801
  10. Wales – £29,779
  11. Northern Ireland – £26,005
  12. North East – £25,736

-130K Neighbours by Powertools2U.

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