Star Wars 9 Mark Hamill tweets 'Thanks for reuniting Han, Luke and Leia' and fans go wild

However divided the Star wars fanbase might be, everyone loves the maverick who plays Luke Skywalker. Hamill has endeared himself to fans with his obvious love for the franchise, his witty social media posts and his rather transparent views on the latest movies in the franchise. One of the biggest criticisms levelled at the Sequel Trilogy was the failure to reunite the original ‘Big Three’ on screen one last time. Fans know Leia will still appear in Episode 9 thanks to unused footage, Luke is expected to return in flashbacks or possibly as a Force Ghost and recent rumours claimed Han Solo would also make an appearance.

Hamill tagged a recent social media post: “Thanks for finally reuniting Han, Luke and Leia, Kansas City Zoo – It’s much appreciated!” and fans wasted no time once again opening fire on The Last Jedi, Disney and Lucasfilm.

The comments poured in along the line of: “At least they did something that Disney failed to do…” “They did what 20,000 morons with 400 million dollars couldn’t.” “Sensing a bit of shade in this tweet. And I wholeheartedly approve.”

Unsurprisingly, there were also digs at Rian Johnson, director of the hugely divisive Last Jedi.

Sure, Hamill was commenting on a family of otters, but the man knows by now how his posts will be interpreted. He has become a Jedi master of the indirect.

Hamill’s entire thread was inspired by the post from Kansas Zoo announcing the first appearance of three adorable otter pups.

Naming them after the iconic Star Wars characters was a canny social media move, boosted immeasurably once Hamill got involved.

Fans are still aggrieved over the perceived lack of respect or even screentime given in The Last Jedi to acknowledging Han Solo’s passing. Many expected a funeral scene or some form of emotional catharsis.

JJ Abrams is known to love flashback scenes, so the remains hope he will find a way somehow to bring the three original heroes together for one final fan-pleasing moment.

Until then, at least fans can go and see their namesakes at Kansas Zoo…



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