Star Wars 9 leak: Scene reveals major character's secret DAUGHTER? Plus shock KIDNAP

Episode 9 of the Skywalker saga is now in production, and with it will come an influx of new characters. The likes of Richard E Grant, Naomi Ackie, Keri Russell and Dominic Monaghan are all signed up to play new players as the sequel trilogy comes to an end – but who are they exactly? We may now have a big clue on one of them.

A post has appeared on Reddit, from someone claiming to have worked as an extra on the movie.

The apparent leak claims that Ackie’s character is in fact the daughter of Lando Calrissian.

This is completely unconfirmed by LucasFilm, and the Reddit post cannot be verified – so treat it as a rumour for the time being.

But with Billy Dee Williams reprising the role of Lando in the film, could we be set to meet his offspring?

The post, written by user Temirblagg1, describes a scene they worked on – in which they were part of a “guerilla militia in a secret type of bunker on the planet of Batuu”.

They went on: “Now: Poe, Finn and chewbacca enter with other members of the resistance and members of our group.

“They are greeted by Dom Monaghan (who is wearing a very cool costume). Naomi Ackie is here as Veranada (Vera) Calrissian.

“There is no mention of a formal leader but they seem to be more in leadership roles.

“They discuss a recent skirmish that happened while the resistance arrived to the planet. They seem to slightly be at odds.

“Poe confronts Dom’s character and Dom laughs. He is a complex character it would seem, he may have lost a friend or something in this skirmish, get [sic] is livid but excited.

“Naomi’s character says they found something valuable at the cost of losing several soldiers. Enters an accompanied horse with several children masks on.

“A body is seated with a bag over their head. He gets dropped down. Revealed to be a cowering Domnhall (general Hux).

“He admits surrender and is searched by Dominic who prods him with an instrument and taunts him. To Naomi’s characters displeasure. This is near the end of act 1.”

Again, this is all completely unverified at the moment, and it does seem that this particular user has been keen to share this info on multiple Reddit threads.

But for the time being it’s fun speculation that could or could not turn out to be true in a year’s time.

Star Wars 9 is out in late 2019.

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