Smart Home Stats and Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

In today’s fast paced world, everything is about convenience, saving time and saving money. Smart homes are on the rise as technology allows us to do everything in our home with a mere touch of a button. You may not even realize that your home is currently equipped to become a smart home, but it could very well be headed in that direction with the advanced technology built into every appliance today.

If you aren’t sure what a smart home is, how it will impact your life or what the rising trends in the industry are, we have an easy to understand infographic for you to acquaint yourself with this amazing technology.

A smart home has nothing to do with your decorating skills, but more to do with the ability to control and track various appliances via your phone or computer. You have full accessibility to your home alarm systems and appliances without you needing to physically be there, which saves you money, time and energy, as well as adds security to your home.

You may think that the smart home idea is a new one, when in fact it has been around for many decades. In the late 1960’s a refrigerator was invented which was able to compute shopping lists, control the temperature in your home and turn other appliances on and off. Although this was never sold commercially, it was the first ever smart device to be created.

Smart homes are simply the start of a whole new way of living, it’s predicted that by 2020 more than 152 million cars will be connected to the internet, and 477 million smart home devices will be shipped globally, with Samsung being the industry leader.

If you are gripped by the smart home trend, then have a look at the infographic below to read more about this technology and how it can make a huge impact on our everyday lives.  

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