Shock for Ukrainians – true live

Weekly Sunday Times correspondent  Mark Franchetti  in the Ukrainian television viewers shocked by what he saw in the southeast of Ukraine.

Who is Mark Franchetti

One of the most famous war correspondent Mark Franchetti in the world. Correspondent of the weekly  Sunday Times . A man with experience of Afghanistan and Iraq. A man who spent many months in Chechnya, where for example, recorded an interview with Shamil Basayev. In Moscow, was not afraid to go inside the theater occupied by Chechen fighters and communicate with terrorist leader Movsarem Barayevem.

Mark Franchetti is a guy who really knows how to distinguish between professional soldiers from people without military experience.

Invitation to a live show

So this man, he was invited to a Skype popular Ukrainian Studies show  Shuster live , watched by millions of Ukrainians. After the truth about the situation in eastern Ukraine, where he spent three weeks in the biggest insurgent battalion “Vostok”, were the guests of the Ukrainian government and the armed forces accused of bias and attacked in the sense that they should be ashamed of saying lies and that he became a victim of a specially prepared event Putin’s agents.

This action by the representative of the Interior Ministry in the studio was tasked him allegedly deceived and infatuated. When it became clear that Michael Franchetti is no novice, but an experienced war correspondent, had a journalist to fight the lies of the entire study, which it tries to make a liar and a lunatic, just for telling the truth about what he saw with his own eyes.

Spectators in studio shocked

Many first heard the opinion different from the official view of the authorities in Kiev (and not only in Kiev). Military journalist just talked about the events in which he was an eyewitness.

Moderator Mark introduced as his friend, with whom he worked in Iraq and said that he can trust. That Mark spent three weeks in the south-eastern part of Ukraine, the insurgent battalion “Vostok”. Finally, with part Battalion ended up in Russia, where he was forced after raids Ukrainian army to flee. “Vostok” suffered heavy losses, a journalist and a photographer almost died. Here is a free translation of the interview.

Free translation from the debate


“Mark, you’ve seen with your own eyes how the insurgents died. What kind of people were in the battalion what their ideology, motivations?”

Mark Franchetti (Sunday Times)

“You know, I’m no expert, I can only say what I myself saw with my own eyes. There is no doubt that the rebels, with whom I talked, mostly Ukrainians, either directly from the Donbas or near the Donbas.

There is also a small percentage of Russian volunteers. And I spoke with them, too. Basically, these are people who have no military experience. In essence they are normal ordinary citizens who up arms to protect their homes gone. They are so sure they protect their homes from fascism from Kiev. ”

“They say that after the events in Odessa (burning at least 50-Odesanmi house Profsajuzov that are responsible Ukrainian rulers) after the Ukrainian army bombarded Slovyansk, get the feeling that they can not find common ground with the government in Kiev.

I want to emphasize that I am not here to defend my position, and so on, I just want to say what I saw. You can tell that they are terrorists, you can say that it is the people who receive the flow of weapons and money from Russia! … But I say …. So it is not !!!! It is not true!!!!

These people are basically normal people without any military experience, have several weapons and I can say that they are absolutely sure that at some point will come to Russia and wait for this assistance. As someone who works in Moscow, it is absolutely clear that Moscow does not help them and help. I mean cash flow, the flow of weapons, soldiers and so forth, “- said Mark Franchetti.

Truth has caused chaos in the studio

On many faces in the Studio program “Shuster” suddenly appeared consternation and confusion that someone tells the truth in front of millions of people.

And here, in the flush our heads pumped politicians and media that eastern Ukraine mercenaries fighting for money and Russian saboteurs. People in the study of the derailment, waiting for a message similar to the lies that to us every day darkened mainstream media and politicians. But nothing comes. Everyone consecutive stare and wonder how it happened that somebody says the truth Ukrainian television. So that Kiev fights against its own people !!

A few minutes while he talked Franchetti was complete silence in the studio, and only when it was clear that the journalist did not say what there wants to hear from him, Mark Franchetti was interrupted.

Anton Geraščenko (Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior)

“Right now, I have listened carefully to a friend from the Sunday Times, and I’m sure it says what probably really seen. But I think it was the victim of a perfectly executed a special operation of the Russian security services in order to create the impression among Western journalists, as he is, and is then broadcast to Europe. ”

Franchetti said:

“I personally got it on the hook, you have words to consider as you want. I can only say what I saw. The people of the battalion” Vostok “, which is considered the best in the Donbas, I can confirm that these people are poorly armed that among them there is the Russian army, and especially as a lot of talk about Chechens Kadyrovcích and so on. I was looking for it, because I’m in Chechnya, unlike you, he was at least 30 times. But he found.

You can laugh all you want, but I, unlike you, was there “- said Mark Franchetti.

Agent without a name (in the studio in a mask)

Mark began to shout: “You should be ashamed of the lie to our entire Ukraine !!!”

Mark Franchetti confused replied:

“Why should I be ashamed? I say what I saw. You want me to lie?”

Video recording of the program Shuster Live

Finally, Mark of Donetsk fled with part of the battalion to Russia. He lost in battle passport. So he fears that it will have on the border issue. He expected the militants in Russia will be welcomed as heroes. Instead, they were immediately disarmed. The injured were taken to hospital. Others, including his, were taken to the hangar, where they spent a sleepless night when they were interrogated by Russian law enforcement authorities in criminal proceedings. ”

It is known that Mark Franchetti never been sympathetic to Russia. British journalist wrote many critical articles and directed several films critical of Russia.

This is just a short walk from the interview. Here is a video – it would be great if someone make subtitles. You can also take this text to your blogs and spread it further. Because this is true, although we try to stick them into the heads of something else.


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