Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2017

Screenshot Saturday Highlights – January 28th, 2017

From a steampunk journey towards Mars to the crowded streets of a cyberpunk city, you’ll find a varied spectrum of interesting locations and concepts this Screenshot Saturday.

Jons Games | PC, Mac, Linux | 2017
Relay puts you in the shoes of a WW1 morse code technician, sending messages to the soldiers on the front line. It falls on you to keep the troops stocked with food and ammo, as well as filter out mail to prevent military secrets from being leaked.

39 Days To Mars
It’s Anecdotal | PC | 2017
A co-op adventure game, 39 Days To Mars follows a pair of 19th century explorers as they try to keep their rickety steampunk spaceship running during a voyage to the red planet.

Backspace expands the fast-paced dual-stick shooter with spherical multi-layered arenas and powerful explosive pods can be carefully placed then recalled tactically as you survive against myriad enemies
Megabot | PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android | 2018

Rogue Process
Mike Cook | PC, Mac, Linux
Hacking is the ultimate ability in stealth platformer Rogue Process. Your objective is to aggressively infiltrate secure locations by typing out commands that manipulate the environment. Reinforced windows can be weakened, drones hijacked, satellite lasers used to blast to an impromptu entrance, and so on

Nest Games | PC, Mac, Linux
Set on the stylized streets of a megacorp-controlled “Neo Paris”, Agent is part detective sim, part immersive sim. Trains pass overhead and neon signs abound, as you explore this futuristic world and uncover the truth behind a crime,

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Screenshot Saturday Highlights – January 28th, 2017