SAS: Who Dares Wins: Anthony Middleton blows up at LIAR contestant with a C-bomb

Contestant Robert Archer was brought in to the interrogation room during this evening’s episode of SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Anthony and Ollie Ollerton sat Robert down, took the hood off of his head, and asked him to tell them about himself. 

Robert sincerely detailed his battle with drugs, and his assault charge which stopped him from getting into the army – which is what he always wanted to do. 

After leaving the interrogation, Ollie commented: “I like him, but I think he’s weak.”

Later, Anthony and Ollie track down Robert’s CV, and start looking through it.

Much to their surprise, they discovered that on his CV Robert claims to have spent three years in the parachute regiment, in the British military. 

Confused, the two hard men brought Robert into the interrogation room for a second time in the dead of night. 

Narrating the scenes, Anthony commented: “They need to be open with us otherwise there’s going to be no trust there, no loyalty there. 

“People who pretend to be in the military when they haven’t earned it. It makes people f**king angry.”

Back in the room, Robert sat in front of the two ex-military men.

“Talk to me about the parachute regiment,” began Anthony. “It obviously had a big part of your life.”

“Your CV’s quite impressive, I like that,” he continued, looking for the truth. 

Ollie chimed in, asking: “Welcome to the brotherhood. We’re brothers, you know that? 

“What battalion were you in?”

Realising his story had been seen through, Robert came clean: “If I’m honest, staff, it’s a bit of a… it’s a lie staff.”

At once, both men screamed at Robert, with Anthony getting in his face, shouting: “You f**king lying little c**t.” 

“Have you heard of stolen valour?” Ollie interrogated. 

Robert came clean, and revealed that he had joined the force at 17 and quit 12 weeks later, disgraced. 

Both Anthony and Ollie continued to berate him over his deplorable act. 

Later on in the episode, Robert handed in his number, quitting the show.

Fans on Twitter reacted instantly, saying: “I’d be crying with @antmiddleton screaming in my face #SASWhoDaresWins”

With another backing up Anthony’s actions: “I’m not surprised Ant reacted the way he else do you expect someone to react when you’ve just lied #SASWhoDaresWins.”

Other fans felt sorry for Robert after he left: “Wow. Im partly horrified by what was just revealed on #SASWhoDaresWins but partly sad that the guy felt the need to lie. Torn.”

SAS: Who Dares Wins continues Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4

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