Royal travel: The Queen's flight fear revealed as monarch confesses feelings about visits

Queen Elizabeth II, as the UK’s longest serving member of the royal family ever, has visited more than 120 countries in the world. Her royal state visits overseas, which started from the age of 21, have often seen her accompanied by her husband, Prince Philip. Their excursions have helped to form bonds with communities and state leaders across the globe, as well as affording the married couple chance to experience a variety of cultures. Yet while the UK monarch, 92, takes on her duties abroad with a smile, a hidden fear of travel has been revealed.

The monarch does not enjoy the process of travelling to far-flung destinations, according to royal biographer Robert Hardman.

In his new book Queen of the World, he told how Prince Harry’s grandmother is “famously stoical” about the dangers of royal life while on excursions.

He added: “However, she (the Queen) has never been a great fan of air travel.

“If St Christopher, the patron saint of travellers, can afford any extra protection then so much the better.”

He emphasised the royal’s distaste for jetting away in a plane as he referenced former royal photographer, Reginald Davis, who covered many of her early royal tours.

Queen Elizabeth II is said to have confessed: “I’m never relaxed flying.”

Yet while she may not enjoy the process of getting to her destination, it is clear the monarch enjoys her duties when she gets there.

Charles Anson, who was the Queen’s press secretary in the 1990s, explained her love of travelling.

According to the Radio Times, he said: “I always felt that the Queen enjoys travel.

“She is genuinely curious about people, their different cultures, traditions and quirks”.

Her first trip to the Republic of Ireland during her reign was a risk in 2011, although she visited for the first time since the 1998 Good Friday agreement to promote relations between the UK and Ireland.

During a trip to New Zealand in 1986, she was also met by anti-royalists who threw eggs at her during the tour.

This prompted her to say: ”I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.”

Meanwhile her husband Prince Philip, 97, has made his feelings about economy plane travel very clear.

He called the cheapest seats in the aircraft “ghastly” during a candid comment about airlines.

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