Riverdale cast news: Jughead star Cole Sprouse was meant to play THIS character…

Riverdale has been an international sensation since it debuted on Netflix last year, and that’s largely down to the chemistry and likability of the teen mystery’s core cast.

Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart), Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) and Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) joined Jughead in a slew of murder adventures and relationship drama, but in a shocking reveal Cole was originally in mind for guitar-playing Archie instead.

The series is based off the original Archie Comics series, in which Archie is a red-headed jock character, so it makes sense that New Zealand actor KJ, who is often seen posting gym selfies on Instagram, would be a better fit for the role.

What’s more, sparks have flown during most of Cole and Lili’s scenes and “Bughead’s” chemistry has been a proven hit with fans, which may not have been the same if another actor had taken the role of the school newspaper reporter.

Yet both Cole and KJ are actually natural brunettes in real life, so it seems that neither of them fit the exact bill to play the lead character.

The series could have been very different if producers had stuck to their original plan, as Cheryl Blossom vixen Madelaine Petsch was also initially brought in to audition for Betty Cooper.

This week’s episode saw yet more danger and intrigue from the sleepy town of Riverdale in a Cabin in the Woods-style instalment.

Hiding ulterior motives, Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) gave his daughter Veronica and her friends the use of his woodland cabin for a romantic weekend getaway.

However in typically manipulative fashion, the corrupt businessman secretly told Archie that the reason for his apparent kindness was to keep his precious daughter safe while he hosted a meeting of mob families at home.

A hot tub session between the couples ensued, leading to an alarmingly steamy kiss between Jughead and Veronica after the news of Betty and Archie’s secret smooch earlier in the season came to light.

The fun and games didn’t last for long as a group of masked thugs broke in and stole Veronica’s diamond necklace.

Just as the men forced the group to their knees with guns to their heads however, a security alarm rang and Veronica revealed that she’d tripped a panic button.

Hiram’s bodyguard Andre showed up to take over and Archie was left listening to the mysterious chauffeur firing a gun at one of the men out in the woods.

While the characters lived to tell the tale of their harrowing experience at the cabin, Archie turned his own corner when he told his potential future father-in-law that he agreed with murder if it meant protecting those close to him.

The trailer for next week’s gripping instalment has now dropped, and depicts Jughead getting closer to figuring out Archie’s secret dealings with Hiram.

Warning his best friend that something’s wrong, Jughead tells Archie: “Someone from our inner circle is feeding him information. Everyone is in danger.”

Riverdale season two continues Wednesdays on the CW in the US, and is aired in the UK on Netflix the morning after.

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