Red Dead Redemption 2 patch notes for PS4 and Xbox update LIVE

Red Dead Redemption 2 update 1.04 went live earlier today, promising to bring new bugfixes to PS4 and Xbox One versions.

And now that the patch notes have been released by Rockstar Games, we know exactly what has been changed.

Split between both Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player mode, there’s plenty of good tweaks being made.

The single-player patch notes confirm that Rockstar has followed up on their promise of removing bothersome bugs.

These mostly include problems connected with the auto-save feature, as well as issues with weapons disappearing.

It’s quite a moderate list but will no doubt prove popular with gamers who have been affected by these problems.


Fixed an issue where the player could become stuck at 90% when loading an autosave made immediately after the mission ‘Country Pursuits’ if it was the only open mission.

Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on loading screen when trying to restart game after completing the mission ‘County Pursuits’.

Fixed an issue where players could become stuck at 90% when loading a save in Chapter 2 if they had set up camp near Horseshoe Overlook after completing ‘The First Shall Be Last’.

Fixed an issue where players could become stuck at 90% when loading after loading an autosave or manual save.

Fixed an issue where players could lose access to all weapons and equipment in their weapon wheel after completing a mission replay in Guarma.

For those who are getting stuck into Red Dead Online, this latest update does not contain any extra content.

Most of the changes are focused on removing bugfixes, some more troublesome than others.

One bizarre glitch that saw injured horses being replaced by Scrawny Nags after leaving the Stables has been removed.

As mentioned above, today’s Red Dead Redemption 2 update has been primed to deal with issues with bugs.

The good news is that Rockstar Games are likely to add more content to Red Dead Online in the near future.

GTA 5 Online just saw a new update go live, and if Rockstar is going to keep to their alternating patching plan, that should mean something coming for RDR2 Online next.


General stability improvements.

Fixed the issue where players removing an injured horse from the stables without healing it would result in the Scrawny Nag appearing when whistling for their horse.

Fixed an issue where players could not exit the house in the Mission ‘Love and Honor’.

Fixed an issue where players would be unable to load beyond 90% in the Red Dead Online beta unless they entered Story mode first.

Fixed an issue where players could become stuck at a black screen after a Posse leader quit the lobby in the mission ‘Love and Honor’.

Fixed an issue where players could crash to the Xbox Home screen when resuming from a suspended state after connecting to Xbox Live services.

Fixed an issue where players could be kicked from Rockstar game services with error 0x99395004 after completing part 2 of the mission ‘Honor Among Horse Thieves’.

The new Red Dead Redemption 2 1.04 update weighs in at 1.32GB on PS4 and is available to download on both platforms.

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