Prioritize Safety on the Road This Spring

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Most people think of winter as the most dangerous time to drive, but there are also unique dangers posed by the weather conditions associated with spring. It’s important to understand the major risks involved in spring driving and what you can do to stay safe throughout the season. After all, you don’t want to have to contact a personal injury lawyer if something happens while you’re on the road.


Prepare for Rain

Rain can make driving significantly more dangerous, and many people aren’t aware that roads are at their slipperiest when the rain starts and begins mixing with solids and liquids on the asphalt. You should reduce your speed by about one-third (60 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour, for example), to drive safely in wet conditions.

For the same reason, it’s important to check your tires periodically. Tread is just as critical during the spring as it is during the winter, and a worn down tread will reduce the traction your tires achieve on wet roads. If you need new tires, look for a durable set with trustworthy reviews.

Be Alert for People and Animals

Pedestrians and bikers start to appear more often while driving during the spring. You should be especially vigilant in neighborhoods and around schools, parks, and other areas where people are likely to be walking or biking.

Spring affects animals in the same way it affects people, and you’re more likely to see animals in spring than winter. Deer are especially active near sunrise and sunset, and you’ll need to be more attentive than usual when they begin to come out for the season.

Stay Vigilant for Potholes

Potholes are another common spring obstacle, often created by harsh winter conditions and not always repaired immediately. Spring rains can fill up potholes and make them even tougher to make out while driving, and driving over a pothole can cause a range of damage including to the suspension, rims, and tires.

One good way to avoid potholes is by giving the driver in front of you extra space and being ready to drive around any obstacles they appear to react to. That said, remember not to swerve sharply when trying to miss a pothole, as this can put more than just your vehicle at risk.

It’s impossible to completely eliminate the risks associated with driving a car, but good driving habits can go a long way toward improving the safety of you and your passengers. Keep these spring driving tips in mind as weather and road conditions start to change.

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