Pointless: ‘Come on!’ Richard Osman berates contestants over ‘obvious’ answers

The BBC programme was hosted as usual by Alexander Armstrong who was accompanied by Richard.

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The first board today was a picture round whereby the Pointless contestants had to name “famous Londoners”.

A total of 16 celebrities born in London were on the board to begin with.

The first three pairs of contestants went for some of the more well known answers which included David Bowie, David Attenborough and Michael Caine.

Each of the answers earned mid-levels scores in the 50s, and Richard claimed they were the “obvious” choices.

He declared: “I’m going to say so far we’ve been going for some of the obvious ones. This is like an episode of Pointless Celebrities.”

“It is a bit, yes,” Alexander laughed.

There was only one pair left to go for the first half of the round as it was player Mayo’s turn to answer.

Richard continued: “If I were say, Mayo, I might think there’s golden opportunity here to go low. But listen, Mayo you do what you want to do, you be your own man.

“That’s what I would do but come on, look at these scores.”

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Alexander then chatted to Mayo about his hobbies before asking him for a answer.

“I’m going to try to go for an obvious one, but even I’m doubting myself,” Mayo admitted, which caused Alexander to groan.

Mayo plumped for Naomi Campbell in the end, which achieved the lowest score yet of 19 points.

Alexander was clearly pleased as he responded: “I think we’re breaking through in to new territory here, very well done.”

The round ended in a lockdown as two sets of contestants finished on the same score of 91.

Alexander and Richard then broke into little chant about the lockdown which delighted fans.

“It’s lockdown!!! #Pointless,” one exclaimed.

While another added: “You’re missing lockdown! @cjbrain77 #pointless.”

“My boyfriend is watching pointless with me and they are in lockdown and they sang the lockdown song. he’s so confused and I’m like ‘That’s it. that’s the show’. #pointless,” a third shared.

While Mayo was sent home after the second round, it was contestants Chloe and Geoff who made it to the final.

After correctly giving Ricky Martin as an answer to a question about Apprentice winners, they took home the jackpot of £4,250.

Pointless airs weekdays at 5.15pm on BBC One.

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