Pointless Celebrities: Alexander Armstrong left stunned as contestant yells at audience

Pointless Celebrities continued this evening and saw a “TV special”.

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The episode included a number of presenters and TV stars who were battling it out for the Pointless trophy, and some money for their charity of choice.

And while Bargain Hunt’s Charlie Ross and his partner Catherine Southon started off doing quite well, it quickly slipped away from them.

During a round where the contestants were tasked with naming the pop stars on screen, Charlie was left a little stumped.

Clueless to the people on screen, he picked out one star with a noticeable feature.

He said: “The next two down – wellI don’t know…

“There’s a chap in the funny hat there, I would say… who puts on funny hats?

“But I might as well say Boy George because that chap in the hat looks rather like him.”

Alexander Armstrong chimed in to reassure Charlie: “It doesn’t matter what you say here you are through… no red line.”

Charlie then locked in his answer and awaited the results.

He willed his answer to be correct, announcing: “It’s going to be Boy George isn’t it?”

He then asked his partner to hold his hand while the results came in, causing a murmuring of laughter from the contestants and the audience.

But he wasn’t ready to listen to laughter at his expense, as he jokingly yelled: “Stop giggling!”

Unfortunately for Charlie his answer was not correct, leaving Alexander to reveal: “It’s not Boy George – which takes you to 112.”

Richard Osman jumped in to poke at Charlie, laughing: “I do hope he’s watching!”

Earlier this week Richard announced the show should end after he asked a contestant a questions.

Speaking to former pop star Jamelia, Richard inquired about her Christmas traditions.

After she gave a thorough explanation the host announced: “Awe, Merry Christmas everybody.

“We should just end the show there because it’s not going to get any more Christmassy than that!”

Pointless continues Saturday at 7pm on BBC One.

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