Piers Morgan LOSES IT during EXPLOSIVE Brexit row – 'lied and now you've COCKED it up'

Theresa May will hold a crucial Brexit vote on Tuesday with MPs set to vote on whether to support the withdrawal agreement. Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, presenter Piers Morgan clashed with Labour MP Stephen Doughty who called for Brits to have another say on leaving the EU. Mr Doughty claimed “democracy continues” after he set out why there should be another vote, prompting a fierce response from the TV host.

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Mr Morgan raged: “How can that be democracy when you just refused to acknowledge or implement the first vote? That is not democracy, it is anti-democracy.

“Nobody said in that leaflet we are going to put it back to you when we get the detail.”

Mr Doughty pointed out the UK was told there would be additional funding for the NHS by the Vote Leave campaign.

He said: “We were told we were getting money for the NHS on the side of the bus. Where’s that? Where’s the money for the police?”

But, Morgan snapped back: “What about all the lies Remain told. Why pick on the lies of Leave? You all lied, all of you.

“Now you have managed between you to completely cock it up as well.

“So you all lied to us, then you cocked up negotiations, and then you left the country in a shambles.

“Thank you very much indeed, on behalf of your parties.”

Brexit supporter Mark Francois interrupted the debate insisting he wanted to leave the EU. He said: “That’s why I turned up.”

Prime Minister Mrs May has been warned that her withdrawal agreement will be rejected in the House of Commons this week.

Mrs May has said if she loses the vote on Tuesday, there will be further votes on Wednesday on whether the UK should leave with no-deal and on Thursday on whether they should seek an extension to the Article 50 withdrawal process.

On Friday, the Prime Minister used a speech in Leave-supporting Grimsby to urge both the European Union to give ground on the Northern Ireland backstop and call on Tory Eurosceptics to recognise that failure to back the deal could result in a softer Brexit or another referendum.

She said: “Next week, MPs in Westminster face a crucial choice: Whether to back the Brexit deal or to reject it. Back it and the UK will leave the European Union.

“Reject it and no-one knows what will happen. We may not leave the EU for many months, we may leave without the protections that the deal provides. We may never leave at all.”

Speaking over the weekend Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned that they risked losing Brexit altogether unless they fell in line and backed the deal.

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