Personality Development Classes : Why And How? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You want to develop your professional skills, improve your technical knowledge or focus on personal development  by working for example on your relationship skills, your stress management , your time management  or your professional efficiency  ?

At Zoe Talent Solutions we help you choose the most appropriate training to support you in your professional development and personality development course.


Skills development for a successful career

The development of skills consists of assimilating know-how and skills that are useful in the professional context. It is about acquiring, updating or perfecting the knowledge necessary for the good performance of one’s current or future position.

The development of skills can be done through different means, through professional training, but also conferences, coaching, professional forums, trade shows, formal or informal events and in all situations conducive to the exchange of good practices.

Skills development is an important issue for all professionals, but also for unemployed people who want to expand their field of opportunity. It is also strategic for companies and organizations looking to capitalize on their internal knowledge and optimize their overall performance.

By investing in skills development, partly through its training plan, the company increases its efficiency and the motivation of its employees. Thus, by focusing on the individual, the collective is positively impacted.


The development of skills concerns all individuals, regardless of their level of initial training and their position. It may be aimed at:

  1. Improve professional efficiency : time management, stress management, assertiveness, meeting conduct
  2. Improve your language skills : English, Spanish, German courses …
  3. Develop managerial skills in the context of acquiring new responsibilities: team management, leadership, conflict management …
  4. Maintain technical skills


Obtain a diploma or certificate to access a new job

Expand your skill set to gain performance as part of your daily missions

Prepare for a certification audit to a quality standard : ISO , lean, quality management …

Who needs to develop their skills?

All professions are concerned with skills development. Among them, medical staff, executives, lawyers, accountants, engineers, teachers all need to train continuously.

The training can be organized at the initiative of an individual with personal financing, be financed by the company or by the communities through the various existing financing solutions ( CPF , CIF ).

The professional interview plays a key role in defining the skills development path needed by the employee to accompany his career development. During this interview are discussed the prospects for professional development and the essential knowledge and skills to develop to achieve it.


The main forms of skills development

  1. Mentoring Coaching : Coaching is designed to coach you and guide you in the context of a mission to accomplish in the short term, it allows you to develop the skills required for your job. Mentoring is based on a more personal relationship and supports you in your personal or professional development to help you gain self-confidence and independence.
  2. Lectures : The lecture presents theoretical notions that will be put into practice in the professional context. It offers participants the opportunity to interact with each other and with the trainer for a better assimilation of knowledge.
  3. Case Study : The case studies facilitate understanding of the theoretical notions, they allow the application of key concepts in the context of concrete cases generally drawn from real life.
  4. Situational scenarios : the scenarios require the participants to play a role and to imagine different scenarios, they allow to get closer to reality.
  5. Group work: group work is essential for learning, as it helps to intensify exchanges and compare points of view. This allows you to broaden your vision and open your mind to different approaches.
  6. Distance learning : distance learning is an alternative to face-to-face training and represents a less restrictive alternative training solution, but requires excellent self-discipline.
  7. Conference and trade fair : Conferences and exhibitions allow you to update your knowledge, to have the point of view of experts in their field and to meet your peers.
  8. Find your future skills development program on Zoe Talent Solutions.


On Zoe Talent Solutions, you will find a wide choice of professional and continuous training. On each sheet, a section is dedicated to the description of the training, its program, the sessions planned, and you can also access other information such as price or prerequisites.

Our goal is to facilitate your search for training and assist you in choosing the most appropriate program for your skill development needs.

Complete the form below and we will identify for you the most competent training organizations to answer your request.

Good luck in your skills development!

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