Passengers can’t believe it when they spot a man doing THIS on their flight

Flights can be made much worse if fellow passengers make a lot of noise and are disruptive. Loud talking and crying children are just two obvious sources of frustration for travellers. However, passengers on one flight were no doubt flabbergasted when they spotted a man making a very unusual noise indeed. Rather than keeping himself busy with a normal plane activity such as listening to music – he decided to make music.

The passenger was photographed playing the flute as he sat in his plane seat.

He appears to be playing from a sheet of music in front of him and the instrument is raised to his lips.

To add to the comedy of the unusual scene, the man has long hair and a beard leading some to compare him to Jesus Christ.

The photo was shared by Instagram account passengershaming with the caption: “On Sundays we post Jesus Flute Dude.”

The image has accrued thousands of likes. Some Instagram users have criticised the man for disruption while others have been impressed.

“Why. Why Jesus why,” one person wrote, “That would be horrible,” another commented.

A third wrote on Instagram” “I love the flute…is Jesus any good?’”

Some viewers tried to see the positive side of the situation.”Could be worse. He could have had a piccolo,” one posted.

Another wrote: “Unless his playing is, like, particularly super bad, I’d rather sit next to Jesusflutedude than somebody with their electronic music device cranked way up high. Especially if he takes requests. Even if all he plays are hymns.”

This is far from the first time passengers have been spotted doing unusual activities on planes.

In another image shared by passengershaming a man was seen doing something very unusual with his food.

The photo captured him attempting to heat up a slice of pizza using the reading light.

He can be seen reaching up towards the roof of the cabin with the pizza in his hand.

The savvy passenger holds it close to the bright light in the hopes of warming up his meal.

Other passengers can be seen in front of the traveller but don’t seem to have spotted his travel hack.

In reality, it’s unlikely the cooking attempt worked, but Instagram users were nevertheless impressed.

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