Owen Jones ROWS with Republican during live BBC debate over 'outright fascist' remark

Owen Jones, the Left wing activist behind the Together Against Trump rally, and Sarah Elliott, who belongs to Republicans Overseas and has organised a welcome party for the president, clashed on BBC Breakfast this morning. 

BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty hosted the debate, which was live streamed into the studios from a central London location. She asked Owen why he was leading the protest on Friday. 

He said: “It will be about making sure this isn’t a PR exercise for Donald Trump using the UK to show the pomp and ceremony to scrub away those images of those kids dragged away from their parents screaming and locked in cages.”

Owen noted there would also be a pro-Trump rally with Britain First marching in London on Saturday.

But Sarah interrupted Owen: “I just have to stipulate we are not a part of those marches.”

Owen shot back. “No I know, but the point I’m making – I wouldn’t accuse you of that – but you should know that there will be outright fascists marching in support of Donald Trump and that should concern you a bit.”

“I think that’s a generalisation,” Sarah snapped. 

The pair then began to talk over one another and Naga was forced to step in to try and defuse the rising tension between the two.

“Okay, I’m going to say to you both, I just want to hear from both of you,” Naga said.

“Sarah finish your point and then Owen we will come to you for a response.” 

They were then given the chance to speak once more but as tensions began to rise again, Naga ended the interview.

The protest is set to take place this evening and tomorrow with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets of London to demonstrate against the arrival of President Donald Trump.

Sarah was asked if she believes there is hostility towards against Donald Trump in the UK, to which she replied: “I sense hostility in London. 

“I don’t think it is shared nationwide, there are people who keep messaging me saying thank you for welcoming the president, and holding this event, we love America. 

“I think it is mixed opinion but it’s typical of a international city like London to have this type of creation.”

Owen was then given his chance to speak about the protest and why it was taking place.

Naga asked: “And Owen, what is on the agenda, we don’t know where the protests are taking place but we do understand they are taking place.”

“Well we do actually. The protest will be starting at Portland Place, near Oxford Circus, at two o’clock on Friday and then Trafalgar Square from 5pm onwards,” Owen began. 

“This is a nation divided on so many issues. The one thing that does unite billions of people across the country is hostility, opposition to what Trump represents. 

“There will be far more Americans on our demonstration than welcoming him. 

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One. 

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