Ovulation Calculator – The Facts of Ovulation

Are you trying to get pregnant? If yes, then you ought to track your most fertile days. There are only a few women who get pregnant very soon, and the others take lots of time. Therefore, it is quite important to know about the day of ovulation.

Don’t to worry! You can easily track your time of ovulation with the help of ovulation calculator. Your ovulation date or most fertile days increase the chances of conception.

What Is An Ovulation Calculator?

An ovulation calculator is an online tool which helps to determine the most fertile days. For some people, this online tool is referring as ovulation calendar. It is very imperative to know about the date of ovulation as it helps in conceiving. The tool is very easy to use, you have to enter the first day of your last menstrual cycle and your usual period length, and know about your most fertile days. Increase your chances of conception by knowing about your ovulation date through advanced ovulation calculator. According to calculator-online.net, enter the information about your regular menstrual cycle and get the legitimate results through ovulation date calculator.

These are some other methods through which you can track your ovulation:

  • Cervical Mucus Method
  • Basal Body Temperature Method
  • Calendar or Rhythm Method
  • Symptothermal Method

Do You Have An Idea About Your Days Of Ovulation?

The ovulation calendar helps you to figure out the most fertile days. The fertile days are the days in which you are most likely to get pregnant. So, if you try to conceive, then you should track your ovulation day with ovulation date calculator. Moreover, an advanced ovulation calculator predicts your due date if you do become pregnant during your next fertile days.

How Long Do You Ovulate?

It is very important to know about how long do you ovulate. Well, if you have a 28 to 32-day menstrual cycles, then you are ovulation between days 11 to 21, but it can occur on ONE “1” of these days. Keep in mind that the menstrual cycle of every woman is different; these all are the average of days that ovulation could take place.

Here is some information that you should have to know about ovulation. These all are based on several studies.

  • Five days before ovulation – means you have 0.4 percent to 7 percent chance you’ll conceive
  • Four days before ovulation – it means you have only 8 percent to 17
  • Three days before ovulation – you have only 8 percent to 23 percent
  • Two days before ovulation – means you have 13 percent to 29 percent
  • One day before ovulation – means you only have 21 percent to 34 percent
  • Ovulation day – means you have 8 percent to 33 percent
  • One day past ovulation – means you have 0.8 percent to 11 percent
  • Two days past – means you have 3 percent to 9 percent

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy:

These are some early or first signs of pregnancy that you needs to know:

  • Tender, Swollen Breasts
  • Fatigue
  • Food Aversions or Cravings
  • Constipation
  • Faintness and Dizziness
  • Slight Bleeding or Cramping
  • Nausea With or Without Vomiting
  • Headaches

What Are The Chances?

  • When you have sexual intercourse near the time of ovulation increase the chance of pregnancy
  • If you have sexual intercourse six or more days before you ovulate, then the chances of pregnancy are virtually zero
  • If you have sexual intercourse five days before you ovulate, then the chances of pregnancy are about 10 percent
  • If you have sexual intercourse on the day of ovulation, or the two days before, then the chances of pregnancy are around about 30 percent

Thankfully – you come to know how to track your most fertile days. Good Luck!

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