Ordeal by Innocence: Bill Nighy teases new Agatha Christie drama – 'It's pretty dark!’

Bill Nighy plays Leo Argyll, an amateur Egyptologist, in the explosive new three-part BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence.

The tantalising drama series is centred around the mysterious murder of Rachel Argyll (played Anna Chancellor), a rich philanthropist and mother to five adopted children.

Her son Jack (Anthony Boyle) is arrested for the crime but dies in prison. However, when the investigation is reopened Leo and the remaining children become prime suspects.

“Revisiting the murder explodes the household,” Bill, 68, said. “The relationships within the house are very complicated and there are some strong feelings on the loose.

“Hopefully the audience will bounce around wondering who is guilty and be completely convinced it must be him or her. Agatha Christie was very good at that.”

His co-star Morven Christie, 36, who plays the Argylls’ housekeeper, Kirsten Lindstrom, echoed the same sentiments: “Yes, they’re a horrible family and they’ve all got reasons why it could have been them.”

She went on to tell TV Times: “[As] much as they want to put it behind them, they all still have questions that weren’t answered.”

The actors also hinted there will be plenty of twists in store for viewers as details of Rachel’s murder unfolds and the secrets of the family are exposed.

Asked if the series would be dark, Bill replied: “Yes, I think so. There’s a degree of psychological drama going on so it’s not just about wondering, ‘Is it Mrs Whatshername in the library?’ It’s pretty dark stuff!”

Agatha Christie’s books have become a favourite with readers from all generations. Morven says this is due to people’s love of mysteries and alluring characters.

She said: “Everyone loves mysteries, ‘whodunits’ and coming up with conclusions. That’s why the novels have endured.

“But also the characters are always really well defined – they’re not mushy, they’re sharp characters.”

Ordeal by Innocence was set for release on Boxing Day last year, but was postponed after sexual assault allegations were made against Ed Westwick, who played Mickey Argyll.

The actor denied the claims but producers decided to reshoot scenes with replacement actor, Christian Cooke.

He stars alongside Alice Eve, Crystal Clark, Matthew Goode, Ella Purnell, Eleanor Tomlinson and Luke Treadaway.

Ordeal by Innocence airs Easter Sunday on BBC  One.

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