Neighbours Weekly Spoilers: Hamish turns KILLER and love for Toadie as Sonya wakes up

First to reconcile were warring couple Sonya (played by Eve Morey) and Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) who faced one last test when a nasty fall left Sonya’s life hanging in the balance.

Thankfully, Sonya woke from her temporary coma with no memory loss and no permanent damage and quickly declared her love to Toadie who was patiently waiting by her side

By the end of the week Toadie had moved back in to the marital home and life was getting back to normal for the couple who had been torn apart by the doppelgänger of Toadie’s deceased wife, Dee Bliss (Madeleine West).

The next couple to move on from the past and get back together were Paige Smith (Olympia Valance) and Mark Brennan (Scott McGreggor) who parted ways in 2016 when Mark arrested Paige on their wedding day.

With a helping hand from Mark’s ex and Paige’s ex-best friend, Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta), who set them up on a date, the pair were forced to be honest about their feelings.

Their romantic reunion was witnessed by a forlorn Jack Callaghan (Andrew Morley), the father of Paige’s giant baby, leaving fans wondering if the ex-priest is still feelings for Paige.

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, the future wasn’t looking too rosy for Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Gary Canning (Damien Richardson) who were still reeling from their disastrous wedding last week.

When Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) revealed that Gary was in possession of the sofa where he and Terese slept together, a scorned Gary set out to ruin Terese’s reputation.

At the grand reveal of the new Lassiters Hotel complex, Terese was horrified to find that Gary had planted the tainted sofa in the middle of the forecourt with the word ‘cheater’ spray-painted across it.

Despite the humiliation, Terese tried to find a way to reach out to Gary, but he was quick to make it clear that they can be no more than employee and boss, leaving Terese devastated.

Facing financial ruin, Amy Williams (Zoe Cramond) was forced to consider drastic measures to save the cancer wellness centre she and Steph Scully (Carla Bonner) are trying to open.

With the centre’s reputation in tatters after cunning Hamish Roche (Sean Taylor) planted drugs to give him an excuse to withdraw his empty promise of a $ 250,000 donation, Amy called on a friend from her past to generate some money.

Desperate, Amy agreed to return to her former career of being a scantily clad sexy cleaner.

Another resident forced to take desperate measures was Hamish, Tyler Brennan’s (Travis Burns) newly found father. 

Growing tired of being used by Hamish for money, secret lover Louise McLeod (Maria Theodorakis) demanded that they leave Erinsborough and Tyler behind or she will expose the truth about how Hamish switched the will of Russell Brennan (Russell Kiefel) for a fake.

Scared that his web of lies were about to untangle, Hamish poisoned Louise, leaving her in a coma. 

With time running out before the tax office catches up with him, it’s become clear that Hamish will go to any lengths to execute his plan. With Tyler’s girlfriend, Piper Willis (Mavournee Hazel) holding him back from leaving with Hamish, could she be his next victim?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5. 

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