Meghan Markle: Handwriting expert ‘lifts the lid’ on Prince Harry wife’s ‘perfectionism'

Meghan Markle, 36, married Prince Harry, 33, earlier this month on Saturday 19 May. They are believed to have started dating in the summer of 2016, and announced their engagement in November 2017.

A handwriting expert has observed a distinct change in Meghan’s writing since she became engaged to Harry, revealing a “more human” side to the LA born former actress.

Meghan has a “stylised” writing style, expert Tracey Trussell of Hand Right ( observed to This is owing to her background in calligraphy – she once taught calligraphy lessons at Paper Source, a US stationery shop.

However, her signature has changed since she entered into the public eye by Prince Harry’s side, denoting a “more human side”. 

“Meghan’s calligraphic handwriting style is well documented,” Tracey told us.

“So this latest signature (dated March 2018, Belfast) is interesting because it is much more relaxed and natural, much less contrived then her usual style.

“It lifts the lid on her character, revealing a much more human side.  

“We know, from her stylised writing, she has a perfectionist streak and desire for beauty and the nice things in life.

“We know from the clockwork regularity that she has the self-discipline to maintain the right profile in-keeping with Royal life.”

Meghan has yet to put a foot wrong in her royal appearances. What’s more, since becoming the newest member of the royal family upon her wedding, Meghan is believed to have won the approval of Prince Charles, 70, heir apparent to the British throne.

Meghan is also “extremely committed” to her goals, Tracey added.

“We also know from the little touches or accoutrements (for example, the little hook at the start of her capital ‘M’) that once she has set her heart on something, she holds on.

“Nothing will stop her until she’s satisfied her goal, so she is likely to be extremely committed to whatever she undertakes. 

“We also know that the upwards endstrokes tell of a humanitarian side – she wants to do good deeds in life – and she’s determined in the way she goes about achieving her far-reaching ambitions.

“But now we can see glimpses of a real ebullient passion and enthusiasm for life, and also a much more sensitive nature.” 

Finally, Tracey commented on Meghan’s “romantic” nature and her need for Harry’s protection.

“This is a romantic, passionate and devoted woman, who will need the protection of the man she loves.

“So whilst we may not know, may never know, what lies behind the carefully constructed facade, what we do now know is that there is a reservoir of deep feeling, as well as a desire to do things properly and get things right.

“So this is a woman who will appreciate her privacy and downtime behind closed doors, as much as time spent on her public polished appearances.”

Testament to her former acting career, Meghan has been said to show “poise” during her public appearances.

Commenting on the royal wedding body language, expert Judi James said: “Even for an actress, Meghan’s poise was formidable. Her back was upright and her hands – the usual giveaway of masked nerves – were still, even when her free hand was hanging at her side.”

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