Line of Duty season 5 spoilers: Fans spot MAJOR loophole in John Corbett’s undercover plot

Line of Duty season five has got fans talking, and the major sticking point has been around whether John Corbett (played by Stephen Graham) is a bad guy or a good guy.

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Is the man a rogue cop who was to gain control of a criminal gang, or is he actually trying to bring down the organisation from the inside?

The second episode of season five seemed to hint towards the latter being the truth, which some viewers spotted.

There was a moment when there was an ambush on police units and guns were fired, yet, incredibly, there were no casualties.

After the incident, Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) asked: “How many casualties?”

It was then revealed that there were no casualties, despite the fact that there was a lot of gunfire.

Viewers then took to Twitter to point out how this could prove that Corbett is, in fact, working for the good guys.

One viewer wrote: “It feels like Corbett is corrupt but still trying to do his job in some kind of weird way?”

Another added: “Maybe John’s not bent after all. Zero casualties from that incident.”

A third asked: “No one was killed? Well that’s absolutely ridiculous isn’t it.”

“No casualties whatsoever lol, despite their car being shot countless times,” said another fan of the BBC show.

“No casualties were the bullets fake?” asked another fan.

One more person tweeted: “No casualties is SUSPICIOUS to me John.”

“No casualties… Like someone knew it was gonna happen,” suggested another viewer.

Someone else wrote: “No casualties? Is Corbett somehow trying to remain within the letter of the law?”

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