Legion Finale Recap: Trial and Terror

If you thought Legion might tone down the weird for Tuesday’s Season 2 finale, it opens with David singing (singing!) The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” while levitating across a field. So there’s your answer!

David immediately faces off with Amahl Farouk in a climactic, if purely mental, battle: Huge animated avatars — David’s is green, Farouk’s is red — battle with swords and transform into animals while David and Farouk just stand there. It looks like Farouk has the upper hand… until Lenny, perched far away with a sniper rifle, fires a round at that tuning fork, hitting it with a loud clang and knocking David and Farouk to the ground. That neutralizes their mutant powers, so when David gets up first, he grabs a rock, ready to bash Farouk’s skull in.

Legion FX Season 2 Finale SydAfter a quick flash-forward to three years later, with Oliver and Melanie happily reunited inside his ice cube — they sip Martinis together and dance to Big Band jazz — we return to David, who’s beating Farouk to a bloody pulp. He’s interrupted by Syd, though, who arrives holding a severed minotaur head: “We need to talk.” She points a gun at her beloved David, and says she now understands he’s not the good guy: “I’ve seen your true face. You hid it so well.” He protests, telling her he loves her, but now she believes her future self was sent back to prevent the destruction of the world by… David. “Don’t you trust me?” he asks. “Maybe I just trust myself more,” she replies, before firing a bullet at him. He flinches… and wakes up in his childhood bedroom. (Of course he does.)

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