Jason Bryne Q&A ahead of the Irish funny man's new gameshow on Dave


Jason Bryne hosts new gameshow Don’t say it, Bring it

Pulling members of the public off the street they have to answer questions in an unusual way with a three minute timeframe in order to win the maximum prize money of £1000.

Jason who is also currently touring all over the UK with his act, The Man With Three Brains, says with not a script in sight and making twenty episodes in ten days the gameshow was made for him.

We chatted to Jason Byrne, to see what made it such a success.

Don’t say it, Bring it is on Monday- Fridays 7pm on Dave all this week.


Don’t say it, Bring it is a gameshow on the street

I had to use all my skills

Jason Bryne

What is Don’t say it, Bring it all about?

We are on the street people come over and I ask them questions and they have three minutes to physically get the answer to the question but they are not allowed to say the answer out loud, the answer could be a lipstick or passport.  

You win more money every time you manage to get the answer in three minutes so £50, £100, £250 ,£500 and £1000.

Did you find it hard picking people off the street?

My skill as a comic means I am good at dealing with people I have never met before. I had to use all my skills. None of the contestants get prepped before hand so all I have is my researcher with me, I can tell by body language who is going to be fun.


Contestants have three minutes to physically get the answer without saying it

Who did you pick off the street?

Some people really need the money, you can win up to £1000.

One couple won £250 and they were all crying because he had just lost his job and she had just given up her job for her Alzheimer’s mother.

After £500 it gets really hard. We lost one guy in the city who just wondered off for six minutes.

Did anyone win the £1000?

Six I think.


Making twenty episodes in ten days the gameshow was made for Bryne

What did they do with the money?

In this age they will probably go and do  weekly shop, or buy a really nice TV or maybe go on a holiday in Britain.

Where did you go?

Bristol, Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle all over the place. We had crowds all cueing up.

What was the funniest moment?

When a pigeon just shat on my head.


‘Some people really need the money, you can win up to £1000’

Was there a script?

There wasn’t ink on any paper anywhere. I was left to do what I do best and thats thinking on my feet, normally someone puts a script in your face its a disaster.

There is no studio lights, audio-cue. We built the show as it went along.

Why do you think people like it?

Its very different. Dave do repeat things a lot so I am hoping they will just keep showing it and people will start recognising it. At the moment its like a giant bird trying to take off.

Were you hesitant taking on this show?

No I think it was built for me. We made 20 episodes in 10 days with no script.


The show went to Bristol, Belfast, Glasgow and Newcastle

Were you nervous about doing a Game Show?

Yes, but I love Dave they let you do whatever you want to do. It has a Youtube feel to it, it has the hand held cameras, there is no health and safety.

Do you want to do more TV?

Yes definitely.

You are touring ‘The Man with Three Brains’…

We are half way through we have done 18 gigs now.

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