James Bulger – was he sexually abused? Boy's mum Denise Fergus DEMANDS answers

Speaking to and on , Denise said she had a number of questions were never answered following James’ death. 

She explained she had a list of 14 questions and now she is finally being given the information she had wanted to know for so long.

“I couldn’t move on because I had so many questions I wasn’t getting answers to,” Denise explained. “I strongly believe he never got justice.”

Phillip asked: “Did you really want to know what had happened?”

“He’s my son and I thought just kick me while I’m down because I couldn’t get any lower,” Denise commented. 

“Over time I didn’t want to know but with all of this coming up now, the questions are coming back.”

She added: “There are so many questions.

“What I wanted to know was, was James sexually abused? I was protected so much. I wasn’t given the answers but now I’m learning so much.”

Phillip continued: “We won’t go into the details here about what happened but it was horrific. 

“Knowing what you know now about how he was sexually abused before he was killed, how does that…”

“I am more determined to get justice for him,” Denise replied.

“I’m determined to carry on, I wanted them to spend time in adult prison and I want all my questions answered. I want the truth, I don’t want to be lied to.”

Denise went on to note that following James’ death she became two people are she cared for her other three sons.

“When I had the other three boys, I became like two people,” she detailed.

“I was James’ mum and campaigning but when I went home to the boys I became their mum and it didn’t get spoken about.”

Sean Sexton, Denise’s solicitor, told the Liverpool Echo both he and Mrs Fergus believe two-year-old James was sexually assaulted prior to his brutal death on train tracks in Walton.

Mr Sexton said: “Denise knows that there is evidence…indicating that Thompson and Venables sexually assaulted James prior to killing him.

“She does not understand why that evidence was not presented to the Parole Board when Venables was originally released in 2001 or again at the 2013 Parole Board hearing.

“She believes there was a rush to release Venables and Thompson before they entered youth custody and the authorities turned a blind eye to any evidence that neither of him posed a risk to children.”

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