ITV This Morning: ‘Had to SWITCH CHANNELS’ Bucks Fizz performance turns off viewers

The current band, which consists of Jay Aston, Mike Nolan and Cheryl Baker, appeared on This Morning today to chat with presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

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Yet after the brief sofa conversation, the trio took to the ITV studio stage to give viewers a performance of one of their hit songs.

Instead of delighting them however, fans were left wondering why the band had decided to reappear.

Taking to Twitter, one person shared: “#thismorning I wish them well but Bucks Fizz are awful… Had to switch channels temporarily.”

“Notice how when David van Day is on TV Bucks Fizz always get f*****g wheeled out….. #ThisMorning,” another said.

A third slammed: “Bucks Fizz was good in the 80s it was just terrible today #ThisMorning.”

“Always a fan of Bucks / Fizz but hmmm, that looked laboured… #ThisMorning,” a fourth agreed.

Others were taken aback by the blast from the past, as one person posted: “My bathroom must be a time capsule, when I came out of it Bucks Fizz were on my TV singing ‘Land of make believe’ #ThisMorning.”

“@Cherylbaker on #thismorning looks amazing, she’s in her 60s, as my Mum would have said ‘she’s got lovely skin,’ another wrote.

Also on the programme, singer Jay opened up on her throat cancer operation, and the “support” she’s received from her fellow bandmates.

“These two have been an amazing support,” she told Eamonn and Ruth. “He was calling me on the hour at one point, anaesthetising me, putting the needle in and it’s like, ‘Oh it’s Mike Nolan phoning!’

“All I was saying was, ‘Does it hurt, does it hurt?’” Mike clarified, as Jay insisted the duo had been “amazing”.

“So you were very worried about her,” Ruth went on. “They rebuilt your tongue didn’t they?”

“Yeah they took a piece of my leg, so I’ve got a bit of a ski slope there on my thigh,” Jay explained. “And then they went into my neck here, and we put this… basically the bottom part of my tongue is my leg – my thigh. And so they put it in there and it’s sewn in at the bottom.”

“Well no actually I ended up singing at the end of September,” Jay answered. “So it was only about three and a half months I was off, and you know my speech is a little bit impaired and my things like cheese and trees are a bit difficult for me.

“But hopefully they did say a year or even 18 months before it’s properly fixed, so yeah it’s been a challenge, but I am a singer and it didn’t affect my voice it’s just pronunciation. So my voice is exactly the same,” the star added.

Ruth praised the guest for her recovery, saying: “So amazing that you’re back so quickly, you must be thrilled, has that brought… I mean you were always close we know that, but did things like this, anytime anything happens in your lives, bring you closer together as friends?”

“Absolutely has,” Cheryl confirmed. “And the fact that we could have lost her would have been the end of the band obviously, and she just proved to be such a strong person because of it, and it has brought us closer.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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