ITV Good Morning Britain: Stanley Johnson issues warning to Boris over Brexit negotiations

Good Morning Britain returned to ITV with the final show of the week and Kate Garraway was joined by Adil Ray to present. 

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Those watching at home tuned in to see Stanley Johnson, the father of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, live in the studio and the hosts were keen to find out his thoughts on how Brexit should be tackled. 

Kate asked Stanley whether or not he thought Boris was capable of getting the United Kingdom out of the European Union on October 31st, she said: “Do you feel he can he do it? Do you worry he can’t? It could be a very short period of him being Prime Minister and celebrating.” 

“Do you know something?” Stanley replied. “I spent 20 years in the European parliament, European commission, and he [Boris] is absolutely right about this.”

“Brexit is what the country voted for, I think our friends in Europe must realise this is amazingly serious stuff and we are coming out with or without a deal,” he continued. 

Kate replied: “Can you give him any advice on how to tackle this? The EU are not negotiating or talking about it.” 

“It is totally straight forward, he’s put forward a great deal, keep up the payments and remit the whole Irish discussion to the next phase,” Stanley instructed going on to issue a warning to his son about how he must go about getting the UK out of the EU.

“Why can’t the other side see it? Because the other side are looking top down. What he [Boris] needs to do with all his diplomats, and I’m talking about the foreign officers, instead of doing their summer holidays ought to be in the each individual country of the EU and jolly well saying ‘look folks, tell your chaps in Brussels that we are running into a almost type of war situation that is coming up.’

“No one really wants to fire the first shot but they are all digging in, it’s ludicrous!” 

“So you think they should cancel their summer holidays, get out, get stuck in and really tackle?” Kate clarified. 

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“Get stuck in, above all in the diplomatic network and foreign office. It’s no good them saying ‘oh well Brussels won’t do it,’ Brussels will do what the members states tell them,” Stanley said.

Stanley also spoke about how proud he was to witness this huge career move for his son. 

“There were two moments, the moment in the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre when the results were announced with a 2-1 majority, Jeremy Hunt did very well, ever so nice, but it was a great moment,” he explained. 

“Then of course the official moment when he gets presented to the Queen, that was something I said to myself ‘How many fathers would be there?’ It was a great thing.” 

“What did you say to Boris after he was announced the winner?” Kate enquired and Stanley replied: “Well done or something like that.” 

It comes after yesterday’s show when Kate was shut down by Martin Lewis. 

The resident money man was back with his top deals of the week and he was discussing the heatwave. 

The topic of conversation was whether or not offices could allow a more relaxed dress code in accordance with the hot temperatures outside. 

Kate suggested loose clothing to be “better” and thought “cotton and linen” were the way forward. 

But Martin wasn’t impressed with her advice and warned viewers to not “go out and spend more money for a very short time”.  

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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