ITV Good Morning Britain: ‘Close to tears’ Martin Lewis explains his prolonged absence

Money expert Martin Lewis, 46, is a regular feature on ITV shows such as This Morning and Good Morning Britain.

However, the presenter has been absent for quite a few days, and fans were starting to worry about him.

Lewis was scheduled to appear on Good Morning Britain this week, yet he was forced to cancel.

He later revealed to his fans on Twitter that he was not well enough to appear on TV after suffering with a “vicious” throat ulcer.

The money expert took to Twitter to tell his fans that he wasn’t very likely to return to TV until he was able to speak.

Martin wrote: “Throatgate day 4. Thanks for all the well wishes. I wanted to give you an honest update as so many of you have been asking and been so kind.

“Sadly, I’m no better – you’ll have seen I couldn’t do Good Morning Britain today – live TV is impossible.

“Last night I saw a specialist who confirmed I’ve a large, vicious ulcer in my throat (I won’t post a picture of it) – not a cold/flu.

“Unfortunately eating and speaking are truly agonising, causing the left of my face and neck to go into spasm – leaving me close to (or sometimes in) tears.

“There is no treatment but to wait, though I’m finding that tough as there’s no sign of improvement and sleeping is hard.”

Martin went on to tell his followers that he was going to try to film some of his links for Monday’s show in advance after having been given a local anaesthetic by his doctor to ease the pain temporarily.

“I’m going to go and try and film the links for my Monday show today.

“I’ve been given a special local anaesthetic to get me through it (I’ve been told doing it won’t make things worse),” he wrote.

“The team are very considerate – I won’t be able to do retakes – and will have to rest 20 minutes before each take.

“I must admit to literally shaking with nerves about leaving the house to do it, but I’m doing it as I want to, as sitting in the house in pain has made me rather low.”

He later informed his fans that he had managed to film the links and that they’ll be shown on Monday’s programme.

“Yesss! Just back from filming. I managed to make it through – not that sparky (you’ll see on Monday) but enough,” he added.

“The anaesthetic spray worked wonders. Now need to steel myself for stopping the spray and the pain coming back. Feel much better again having been productive tho.”

Fans will be hoping that Lewis gets well soon as it does sound like the TV presenter is struggling at the moment.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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