ITV GMB: ‘Bunch of a****’ Piers Morgan LOSES IT on air as Susanna Reid forced to step in

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan is often explosive on the ITV breakfast show, but today’s edition of the programme saw him go one step further in a hilarious exchange with his co-host Susanna Reid.

After updating viewers on the latest developments with Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the 53-year-old host couldn’t hold back any longer.

“What a bunch of a***s,” he suddenly declared, leaving 48-year-old Susanna stunned.

“Can you say that?” she asked slowly, clarifying his actions at first.

“I can, why can’t I?” Piers responded indignantly, and Susanna finally decided to step in.

“I’m sorry,” she told the early morning viewers, prompting her fellow journalist to embark on a mammoth rant.

“I’m sorry for your sensibilities,” Piers mocked, as the show went on to display a hilarious cartoon of the presenter naked on a silver food tray, with Susanna behind him.

“So apparently the team can show that picture, but we can’t say that. If I mention the word people take offence,” Piers continued.

“What a bunch of a***s,” the host spat theatrically, determined to carry on his tirade.

Susanna gently suggested saying “bum” instead, but this riled up her co-host even further.

“Why is bum more or less offensive than saying a***s?”

“Because kids are watching!” Susanna declared.

“You’re all a bunch of useless bums, that fine is it?” Piers pressed, before debating the use of words in the English language.

“Who decided which words we can and cannot say?” he asked. “It’s not profanity is it? It’s not a swear word. You’ve just shown them a picture of me naked on a silver platter!”

Attempting to bring her co-host’s meltdown to its conclusion, Susanna finally chuckled.

“Sorry about that,” she apologised with a grin. “If there’s anything you’re offended by this morning… perhaps you’re offended by Brexit?”

“I’m offended by parliament,” Piers chipped in once more.

Even news reporter Charlotte Hawkins was slightly taken-aback by the presenter’s antics, as ahead of her next segment she thanked him for the “pre warm-up”.

Susanna later finished: “I think that was a little bit unnecessary!”

Piers recently admitted he would vote Leave instead of Remain if the UK was to be given another referendum, in a startling protest.

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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